I have bling! :)

I have bling! 🙂

I haven’t worn a ring in a long time.  I think the last time was when I was in middle school.  And those were usually from Claire’s and would turn brown if you wore them when you washed your hands.  So most of the time, I’d take the ring off when I was going to wash my hands, and then I’d either forget that the ring was in my pocket or on the counter and eventually, just didn’t wear them anymore.

Now, I have to wear a ring.  And don’t get me wrong.  I love wearing it.  It’s gorgeous.  There are probably 20 times in my day that I find myself looking at it.  And that’s not exaggerating.  I love looking at it up close, from a far, on my finger, off my finger, in different kinds of light, when I’m stopped at a red light, when I’m brushing my teeth…  Ask any girl who has one and I’m sure she’ll say something similar.  And it’s not that I’m materialistic…I guess I’m just in awe that Will would give me something so beautiful.  We had gone ring shopping a couple times, but I never exactly told him what I wanted.  So for him to get me something that is pretty much exactly what I like, just shows me how much he listened to me and that, in the end, he has amazing taste.  Whenever anyone asks me, “Can I see your ring?” I love saying back to them, “Yes you can!”

While it’s absolutely wonderful to be wearing this ring, it’s also kinda weird.  It is taking a while to get used to it.  I’m not complaining…just making observations.  After the first day or two, I really do believe that my left ring finger hurt.  I think it was just trying to get used to having extra weight on it and having to move it.  My muscles were doing strength training!  The skin under the ring also had to get used to having something rub on it all the time.  There were some times that I had to take the ring off because my skin was just feeling funny.  I’ve had to learn how to wash my hands with a ring on too.  One day after I washed my hands, I realized there was still soap underneath the ring!  Now I have to consciously move my ring around so that all the soap gets washed off!  Another thing I’ve had to get used to is sleeping differently.  I used to sleep with my hand in between my cheek and the pillow.  Now I can’t do that with my left hand.  Otherwise I’ll dent my face!  And when I’m sitting and want to rest my head on a closed fist, I can’t really do that without denting my face either!  And lastly, I’ve developed this new finger motion that involves my pinky and thumb that unconsciously adjusts my ring on my finger if it spins around.  It’s so interesting how one small circle can change how you sleep, clean, rest, drive, move, and work!

But despite all these changes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s a wonderful reminder that I’m going to be married! 🙂