Dress shopping

I didn’t cry this past Tuesday night.  I didn’t find “the one” dress that I love.  I’ve heard that sometimes when brides-to-be try on “the one” they just know and then start crying (there are tissue boxes at the store!).  Well, I didn’t know so I didn’t cry.  But we’re getting closer.  I’ve narrowed it down to what kind of shape, what type of embellishment, color, train length, and neckline I like.  I’ve also figured out what I don’t like at all.  I thought I wasn’t being very decisive, mainly because I wasn’t finding the one.  But thankfully my wonderful helpers/constructive critiquers reminded me that I actually was being decisive.  I was able to compare the dress I had on against the ones I had just tried and tell them exactly what I liked and didn’t.

And if I had to describe the emotions of the experience, I actually wouldn’t say it was fun.  At least not in the definition of “fun” that I know.  It was enjoyable, but in a more serious way.  I felt like I was using a lot of my brain during the process to observe, compare, contrast, nit-pick, imagine, critique…  It wasn’t like those times I blogged about last entry about trying on princess gowns just for fun; it was very different than that.  I knew that eventually I would buy one of these princess dresses, so it became a much more calculated and meaningful process.

And we’ll do this process again in two weeks!