Today I’m 25.  Last week, someone told me that they were going to hate their 25th birthday because then that meant they were closer to 30 than 20.  For me, 25 isn’t too bad.  I’m not really dreading it, you know, the whole getting older thing.  This is kinda the first year that I actually feel like an adult-adult.  This is the first birthday year since I was 4 that I’m not in school.  When you go straight from undergrad to grad school, there’s not really any time for you to feel like a non-student.  People who do take a break from school and then go back, know what the differences are.  They can compare their school life with their working life, analyzing which they like better, the pros and cons to both.  But going straight to grad school, you don’t really know what the difference is yet.  And honestly, even though I graduated undergrad in 2006, I haven’t felt like I graduated until recently.  It confuses me when all my other classmates or even people I know who graduated in ’07 or ’08 talk about how they can’t believe they’ve been out of school for a couple years now.  And I know that I’m older than them, but don’t feel like it!  So I guess, graduating from grad school and now turning 25, I’m almost glad that I am…I am actually beginning to feel like the age I am!

I’m not sad I’m 25 today.  Actually, I’m quite content with that number.  It’s not that old.  I’ve only been alive for 25 years.  I hope God has plenty more for me because I love the life I have.

So here’s to being 25.  Cheers!