Last week, on 10/15/09, after submitting my request on 9/15/09, I got an email response from the Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston that our requested date of 5/15/10 has been reserved for our wedding.

In that month of waiting (the church was finalizing their own church events calendar and needed to wait for that before scheduling any outside events), I had been busy trying to get other details started such as guest list, invites design, finding helpers, choosing bridesmaids, looking at gowns, and discussing food options.  I was eagerly awaiting the email back from the church as I knew we couldn’t really plan any date-sensitive things until we got a date.  You can’t really talk to reception venues or photographers until you can tell them a date that you’re thinking of.

I opened my email during my lunch break and saw in the email body, “It seems May 15, 2010 is a good wedding day, congratulations again!”  My heart skipped a beat.  Partly because I wasn’t expecting them to get back to me so soon – they had told me it would probably be ready in November.  And partly because setting a date means you can look forward to an actual date of when you’ll get married.  It’s nice and all to just think, “Oh, I’ll get married someday” or “Oh, I’m dating.  We’ll get married someday” or “Oh, I’m engaged.  We’ll get married someday.”  But to think, “Oh, I’m engaged.  And I’m getting married on May 15, 2010,”  that just totally changes my thought process and all the emotions connected to it.  It’s one thing to think that something will eventually happen in the future, but to actually put a date and time on it…it becomes real.  And while reading that email I had an “omygoshimgettingmarried” rush of emotions.  It was mostly excitement and happiness.  It was also shocking, breathtaking, and…real.

It’s funny.  When I started dating, I’d count how long it’s been since we had our Determine the Relationship talk.  The number count kept going up (Thank God!) and went from 2 months to 10 months to one year to (skip a few) four years.  And on our four year and four month anniversary, I get an email that states that in 7 months, on our four year and eleven month anniversary, we will have a new anniversary date to remember.  So for now, I’ll be counting down the months and days until 5/15/10.  And on that day I will get to start counting up again.