I found “the one.”  Though, it didn’t start out as “the one.”  I first put it on Tuesday, October 20.  And well, when I walked out and stood in front of the mirror and my helpers, it actually wasn’t “the one.”  It was “close to being the one, but not really.”  The color wasn’t right and there was this bow on the front that made me feel like a little girl.  There were several good things about it and Vicky (my David’s Bridal consultant) told me that it could come in the color I wanted and the bow could be cut off.  It was easy to envision what it would look like.  But it was difficult to actually see it.

After standing in the dress for over an hour, it became “probably the one.”  I told Vicky that I needed to show pictures of it to my sister and mom and that I’d be back on Thursday to buy it.

I went home and as I phoned my family and had them look at pictures online, I found myself describing the dress as “fine.”  It wasn’t “beautiful” or “stunning” or “made me feel like a bride.”  It was just…fine.  And as I thought about it that night and the following day, I found myself not happy that it was “fine.”

I went back on Thursday with my “just fine” feelings to try the dress on again.  And I still had “fine” feelings about it.  And just couldn’t get myself to buy it.  Vicky told me that their Danvers store had the dress in my color and that they could try to get it into the Natick location for me to try on.  I told her that that would be good and left.

My feelings about the dress made me uneasy.  And since I had only been to one store, it made me more uneasy that maybe “the one” was just at another boutique.  I started Googling and calling other boutiques in the area.  What made it more difficult (but in actuality was easier) is that my budget for a dress is really low in comparison to what dresses are going for these days!  I found out that the available stores that I could even think of getting a dress at were down to about 2 or 3 more stores.  I made appointments to go to them for Saturday, hoping that either I’d find “the one” or maybe not finding “the one” would somehow make “the fine one” become “the one.”

Saturday comes and I go to the first of two appointments.  As soon as I walk into the store, I see “the fine dress.”  I realize that someone must have recently sold it to this boutique as they sell consignment dresses.  I try on a couple of other dresses, but none of them are even close to “the fine” feeling.  At the end, I even try on “the fine dress” and still like it.  It’s actually being sold at an awesome price, but it’s not the right color.  I leave the store wondering if this is some kind of “sign” that I should get “the fine dress.”

Since I’m near Danvers, I decide to call David’s Bridal to see if they still have “the fine dress” in the color I want.  They say they do and that I can come in when I get there.  I show up, try it on in a size way too big for me, but am super excited that I can actually see the dress in the color I’d buy.  When I step out and look in the mirror, my heart almost skips a beat.  I almost can’t breathe.  And I start getting that choked up feeling that happens right before you start crying happy tears.  It’s “the one.”  I almost can’t believe that after the fourth time of trying on this dress, it’s finally now feeling right.  It’s a gorgeous dress.  I feel like a bride.  And I feel beautiful.  If I had stood there alone for a minute longer, I would’ve shed a tear, but the salesperson happened to come by to check on me.  I leave there happy and content.

I go to my third appointment and there’s a part of me that is now hoping that I don’t find anything that I like.  I’m hoping that this appointment will only just confirm my choice at the other store.  And luckily, I don’t find anything I like.  I leave feeling even happier and more content.

I bought “my dress” this past Tuesday.  I’m excited and thrilled and eagerly awaiting when it arrives in January!

I’ve heard that you just know when you find your dress.  It took a little longer for me to know, but I’d have to agree with that statement!

Sorry, no pictures for this post! 🙂