Money, money, money…my favorite topic…NOT. To be honest, any time finances are discussed, my heart beats a little bit faster, I sweat a little bit more, I breathe a little bit shallower, and I panic a lot more.

And what better way to spend a lot of money than to have a big party. So let’s just say that even though the wedding will be fun and memorable, it will also be the same cost as a mid-sized sedan.

A mid-sized sedan budget is on the lower end of typical wedding budgets in the Boston area. It’s totally doable. I’ve known brides that planned it with less. But we have to factor in that our mid-sized sedan budget has to cover three receptions. (It’s a long story, but basically, to honor our parents (and their popularity), we’re including two extra receptions.) Once I did the math, I came to realize that a mid-sized sedan budget would go farther if it actually just paid for a mid-sized sedan.

We decided that each party (me, Will, Tungs, and Shaos) would pay for one tire of this car. Given that I started my career only two months ago, paying for 25% of the car has seemed daunting. I still have rent, bills, loans, gas, and health insurance on top of it all. And eating would be a good thing too. It’s been the biggest challenge trying to get everything to fit within the budget.

To confront the budget, we started with a list of what Will and I considered to be priorities. We prioritized food, apparel, honeymoon, and photography at the top of our list. To all engaged couples, I definitely suggest this as a starting point. It helped figure out what we cared about and what we didn’t. Thankfully, our individual priorities closely corresponded to each other, so we didn’t have to convince the other that no matter what, we had to go to the church in a Hummer limo or absolutely had to have a 10 tiered cake.

Given a tight budget, I’ve had to think out of the box. I’ve been trying to be more creative with decorations – using household items and things that we can find for free. Designing and printing invitations on our own. Having my grandmother, who is a fashion designer, alter my dress. Borrowing jewelry and accessories. Asking friends to donate their talents. Looking for coupon codes for items online. Opting to go to a different honeymoon location. Making my own veil.

There are days that I wish our budget was more that of a luxury sedan, helicopter, or cruise liner. There are days where I wish I could be more free with my decisions in food, guest count, flowers, and venues. But there are also days that I remind myself that the wedding is only one day, only 12 hours of my life. I’d be more upset with myself if I spent more than I had to. I’d rather save more now and then be able to spend more on my life with Will as opposed to my dinner on May 15.

I believe that if we can actually pull off this wedding within our budget with the number of guests we’re going to have, we should go down in the wedding records books!

P.S. Only 6 months left!