We’re exactly 5 months away!  Only 5 months away!  Super exciting and thrilled.  Though still have lots of stuff left to do.  Thankfully I feel like we’ve made most of the big decisions and are now working on sending out invitations.  I think once you send out invitations, you’ve pretty much gotten about 80% of the planning done.  By the mere fact that you can send inviations out means that you’ve chosen many things: date, time, ceremony location, reception location, church location, figured out your budget since you were able to choose your reception based off of that, compiled and finalized your guest list, and wedding colors and design.  All of these are pretty big decisions, figuratively, literally, and financially.

Another update: A week and a half ago, Will and I looked at a house.  A real house.  Not a dollhouse or a doghouse.  A real house.  One that you buy with hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And let me tell you…that was kinda scary.  Will, being a realtor, has the inclination to buy.  I, being poor, have the inclination to just have a roof over our head.  Deciding to buy and then choosing what to buy, shall I dare say, is not an easy process.  I realized that if I own a home, I won’t be “moving up.”  Somehow I thought that when/if I own a home, I’d love to “move up” and not be in a dingy college town apartment.  But I realized that if I paid what I pay for rent for a mortgage, I’d probably live in a dumpster.  This was a difficult concept to acknowledge.  I’m still figuring out how to comprehend it all.  I’ll keep you updated on this one.

It’ll soon be 2010!  And from there, it’ll soon be May 15!

Stay tuned for possible posts on making a guest list and “Money, money, money – Part II” 🙂