This week Will booked our honeymoon. I’m so glad he did. Traditionally, the fiance plans the honeymoon and that’s exactly how I wanted it to be. Given that I’m such a planner-type, this is shocking. I knew I wanted to be involved in all/most of the wedding day plans and knew that if I had to add researching/discussing/calling/deciding/booking the honeymoon, I’d go crazy. I delegated it to Will and totally checked out of the process. Will did ask my opinions on some things, but our conversations would usually end with me saying, “I trust you. You decide!” We knew we wanted someplace warm, preferably in our time zone, and relaxing. From there, I knew I could trust Will to pick a hotel that wasn’t gross in a location that wasn’t super creepy. Mostly because I knew Will wouldn’t want to stay in a gross hotel in a creepy location. And yay for agreeing on that!

I’m SO looking forward to getting away from cold Boston, soaking in some sun, eating great food and drinks, and spending quality time with Will.

(If you really want to know where we’re going, ask me personally. :D)