Well, if you read my last post, I mean “100 days to marriage!”

I’m really looking forward to marriage.  I’m looking forward to coming home and finding Will there, cooking for two, going on vacations together, grocery shopping together, figuring out how married life works.  It’s going to all be so new and different, and I’m sure there will be days that seem frustrating.  But I’m also sure there will be many more days that are awesome and reassuring and just plain wonderful.

And I’ll be able to experience all of this in 100 days!

In the meantime, however, I’m trying to really enjoy and take advantage of the upcoming 99 days.  Single life offers many things married life doesn’t.  I’m able to come home and do pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want, and make whatever I want to eat for dinner.  I do errands on my own time.  I can plan my days and nights according to what works best for me.  I can usher at theater shows whenever I like.  I get to watch all the TV show I like best (I love Food Network and Bravo TV and any and every CSI out there).  I can keep my room as dirty as I want.  I can meet up and hang out with friends whenever I’m free.  I’ve been able to do this since I went to college and have 99 days left to fully enjoy all of this!  Now, getting married, doesn’t necessarily mean I give all this up – it just means that I have now chosen to be concerned about how my choices affect someone I care about.  And this choice will be better than all three versions of CSI put together!

So while I may be looking ahead to graduation, I will do my best to savor and soak in each of the next 99 days of my senior year!

In other news, (for all of my future brides who are reading) when buying postage stamps at the post office, be sure to specifically ask for wedding-related stamps.  Otherwise, you will receive stamps with state flags on it.  (Nearly had a heart attack when I realized these were the ones I had purchased.  Now who wants the state flag of Missouri on their wedding invitation?  NOT ME.)  Lucky for me, I was able to exchange them!  Heart attack averted!