There are some wedding things that I just don’t care about. Now, when I say “don’t care,” it’s not that I want them to look ugly or don’t want them.  It’s just that these are not high on my priority list.  I’d rather spend my energy, time, effort, money, and emotion on other things.

Here’s a list of some of them:

-Riding in style (Though, early on I REALLY wanted a limo, but when I figured that I’d really only be sitting in it for 20 minutes but would have to pay for a minimum 3 hours…yeah, then I didn’t care.)

-Color of bridesmaids dress (First I wanted red.  Then the red dresses arrived and the color was ugly.  Then I just looked for that dress style in another color, and once it came, and wasn’t ugly, that was it!)

-Bridesmaids looking EXACTLY the same (Each bridesmaid is different from each other, so why make them look exactly the same?  And everyone is going to be looking at ME anyway! :P)

-Shoes (No one sees mine anyway.  Heel height was the most important since I want to be comfortable since I’ll probably be on my feet for at least 12 hours straight.  I’m wearing 2″ heels.  And YAY for Will still being taller than me!)

-Cost of shoes (2 pairs from Payless = $19.86!  YAY BOGO!)

-Flowers (I don’t know flowers at all.  And I’m okay with that.  So I’m okay delegating those decisions to a friend.  I trust his floral expertise and am positive they’ll be beautiful.)

-Wedding favors (The only person I know who keeps them is my mother.  And I’m sure she’ll be understanding.  We’ll be making a donation to a charity instead.)

-DJ/live band (Spending money on this would’ve meant spending less money on other things that I wasn’t comfortable spending less on (ie. honeymoon).  I have very qualified and knowledgeable friends helping to compile a good, danceable iPod playlist.)

-Honeymoon location (Mentioned this in a previous entry – I just wanted some place warm and relaxing.)

-Invitations (I didn’t need anything fancy.  These get thrown out anyway.  I just needed something that said who, what, where, and when in English.  I didn’t need fancy scented paper, ribbons, bows, calligraphy, or elaborate envelopes (I handmade all 200+ envelopes out of computer paper).  Printed them all out ourselves and I cut them all with my paper cutter.  And online RSVPs might sound informal, but it is SO convenient and saves SO much money!  I can keep track of how many orders of beef and chicken there are AND get to make seating charts on my laptop!  YAY weddingwire!  And emailed Save-The-Dates – awesome idea.  Quick, easy, free!  And Google forms – LOVE IT.  And I hand delivered/drove about 30% of all the invitations – again, might be informal, but why mail them to your next door neighbor?)

-Men’s tuxes (Found the least expensive tux at Men’s Warehouse, matched it with the colors, and done!  And use the “rent four, get groom’s free” coupon!)

After typing that list, is there really anything else to care about?  YES.  There’s plenty to care about.  Maybe that’ll be the next blog post.

And to those to-be brides, if you care about those things, that’s fine.  I’m sure there are other things you don’t care about that make up your own “don’t care” list.  I’ve realized that what you care about is what will make you happy.  And what you care about is what will also bring you the most stress.  If you can recognize what you don’t care about, you can feel okay to not stress about it.

Among all that I care and don’t care about regarding the wedding, the MOST important thing I care about is my marriage to Will.  And that’s definitely more important than limos, shoes, favors, and scented paper.