Melissa and me on the Great Wall of China

Growing up, my sister Melissa and I would talk a lot about weddings.  Probably because of all of the weddings we had been in (see previous post) and all the weddings we’d been to (father being pastor meant being invited to lots of parishioners’ weddings).  The conversation between us would go something like this:

Me: When I get married, you’re going to be my maid of honor.

Melissa: And when I get married, you’re going to be my matron of honor, because you’d be married already!

I think we had even talked about how my kids would be her flower girl and ring bearer because naturally, I’d be married and have kids before she did.  (Though now, Melissa, you better be getting married before I have kids!!!!)

Growing up with a younger sister was pretty awesome.  We’re only 16 months apart so we’ve had a close relationship for as long as I can remember.  There are way too many inside jokes and stories for us to count.  We were evil conspirators against our younger brother – which I’m not proud of, but the stories ARE hilarious.  One summer we changed the lyrics to songs we learned at a choir camp to proudly sing about poop and fart.  We shared secrets about boys we had crushes on and made up code names for them based off of our birthdates, “12” and “15.”  We know all the lines to “Mrs. Doubtfire” and all the songs to “The Sound of Music.”  She joined me at BU and we traveled together to go to MD and NY.  We had some highs and lows in more recent years, but I think that’s what happens as you get older and start realizing that even though elementary school teachers would call you by the wrong sister’s name, you were actually different people with different personalities.

I value Melissa’s opinions a lot.  I trust her the most out of (probably) all my girlfriends.  I know she’ll tell me how it is, fully aware of my likes and dislikes of my lifetime.  It’s not always the easiest stuff to hear, but I know she’s just looking out for me and wants the best for me.

Asking her to be my no-longer-hypothetical maid of honor was not as easy as we had talked about as kids.  Now I needed to know how she felt about Will and whether she was going to be able to support us.  We had a good conversation and I felt she would be able to be there for us and stand by my side at my wedding and celebrate with us.

She’s been a great maid of honor so far.  (Though I don’t really have anyone to compare her too, so I guess she sets the benchmark anyway!)  She bought me my first wedding planning book.  She’s been able to mediate between me and our parents.  She’s given me ideas about decorations and gifts.  I’ve been able to trust her with things I have delegated to her.  She’s told me her true feelings about dresses and colors.  I’ve been able to vent my frustrations to her (so much money, but no more money!) and share my successes (good deals on shoes and jewelry!)

Thanks, Melissa, for your patience, assistance, honesty, and love.  You’ve been the best maid of honor I could have asked for.