A funny thing happened 10 days ago.  I felt like I needed more days.  From about December to February, I was getting tired of wedding planning and was just wishing time would fast forward to May.   I was just eager to get married and begin married life. I didn’t want to deal with family drama, making deposits to vendors, or deciding colors, or printing invitations.  I just wanted the morning of May 15 to arrive.

Then March 15 arrived.  All of a sudden, I wanted May 15 to come later.  Two months left.  For some reason, two months felt like such a short time.  I looked at the things left to do, and wasn’t sure if it’d all be done in two months.  And so I started panicking.  (Anyone else think it’s funny you have to add a “k” to make “panic” an “ing” verb?  Sorry, I digress.)

There were a few things on my list that I really wanted to do.  That I really wanted to do.  For example, a playlist of 45 minutes of classical music that would be played while our guests are seated needs to be compiled.   Easy, right?  Just Google “classical wedding music,” search websites that have those keywords, listen to each one, calculate how many minutes each song is, add enough songs to add up to 45 minutes, put them into a word document, press “save.”  That’d probably take me at least an hour, if not two, and maybe three.  I wondered if those three hours would be the best use of my time.  And no, it would not.  I thought of my good friend, Valeri, who has played the cello in weddings and probably has more classical wedding song books than I do (which is zero.)  It’d probably be easier for her to just copy one of those book’s table of contents since she’d probably know what the songs were beforehand.  And it probably helps that she got married in December and probably thought about this type of stuff six months before me!  Even though I really wanted to get this accomplished myself, I delegated.  And I am so glad and relieved I did.  Thanks Val!

I’m a planner and think I can do just about everything.  There are things I do know I can’t do – make a cake, arrange flowers, play the cello.  But for everything else, if I had the time and energy, I could do it.   Now, we’re at 50 days.  Time is not on my side.  And I’m noticing that my energy needs to be used for things that are really in my expertise and that I can actually accomplish.  My good friend (and fellow bride-to-be) Jennifer sent me this from “100 Layer Cake”:

DIY Flow Chart

Attention all other brides-to-be/women who hope to be a bride-to-be!  If you have not clicked on the link above yet, DO IT NOW!  (And on a related note, ladies, if you haven’t already considered whether eloping might be a good option for you and your future husband, DO IT NOW!  Again, sorry, I digress.)

That flow chart is so true.  I am currently working on a crafty DIY project for my flower girl.  I have the materials and the youtube tutorial and I’m loving the time I am spending on it.  There really is something satisfying with creating something you love with your own hands.  (That’s why making 200+ envelopes by hand was actually, strangely, fun.)

As time ticks, I’ll probably be referring to this chart more and wind up crossing off some things on my list that I realize are more obsessities than necessities.  Readers, yes, I did just make up a word.

Fifty days is not a lot.  I’m glad we’ve made it to the 50 day mark.  There’s still a lot to be done regarding the wedding and moving two people’s stuff into one apartment.  (More on that later!)

I vividly remember writing my “100 days” post. And it doesn’t seem that long ago. And I’m sure if I even have remotely enough time to write a “1 day” post, it’ll seem like the time flew by even faster.