Many people see me, say hi to me, and then ask, “How’s wedding planning?  Are you done?”

Now, I want to know if there really is a bride out there that was actually done with wedding planning 39 days before the wedding.  Is that possible?

So while, all the big decisions have been decided, it’s the little details that have seemed to add up.  Combine that with looking, finding, and moving into a new apartment, and the next 39 days seem too few.

So what’s left?

Here’s the short list (or not) and not in any particular order:

– Seating chart  (Delegated to Will – so if you don’t like who you’re seated with…blame him…haha)

– Steaming bridal gown and veil (The steam from a running shower worked pretty well on the veil.  Going to attempt to steam a few wrinkles from my gown on my own…will see how that goes.)

– Finish making pomander for my flower girl (What’s a “pomander”?  See picture above.  One of my few DIY projects that I’m loving!  And mine will look even better than the picture.)

– Finalize ceremony events (In what order do we hug the parents, light the unity candle?  Do we play a special song?)

– Design, print, and assemble programs (Delegated to Will – though if a friend who had expertise in print material volunteered their services…I’m sure Will would gladly give up this task)

– Design and make centerpieces

– Write and deliver thank you cards for bridal shower attendees

– Pay vendors

– Find and organize helpers

– Figure out transportation for us and bridal party on wedding day

– Apply for marriage license (Googled different towns in MA that had a less expensive fee for this.  Boston is expensive!  Do your research and find a less expensive town that’ll get you the same piece of paper.)

– Try on and pick up wedding bands

– Purchase and make materials for photo booth (It’s gonna be super fun!)

– Pack up my room (and try not to lose any wedding-related things in the process)

– Move into new apartment (SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR FIRST PLACE TOGETHER!  Our complex has a pool and tennis courts! =D)

– Buy/pick up furniture (Jordan’s?  Bernie and Phyl’s?  Bob’s?…)

– Make new apartment into a home (I am going to be living there alone for a couple weeks…gotta make it nice enough for me to live there!)

– And I’m sure there’s more…


On another note, I still get a little jealous when I see what other brides are able to do for their weddings.  I realize that their budgets are also double, if not triple, what ours is.  But…it’s just that…they seem like they look so pretty and smell so nice and taste so good…and it’d be so good if I could have it too…right?

It’s made me rethink some of my decisions – the same decisions that took me a long time to decide on.  Decisions that I made based off our priorities, our interests, our personalities, our budget.  Informed and calculated (literally) decisions that I was fully happy with when I made the decision.

I know these after-thoughts are just out of pure envy.  When I really think about what those items or services cost and if I’d be comfortable paying that or if it fits with our desires, the answer is always “no.”

Money is not an easy issue.  Given the popularity of the topic in my posts, it’s clearly something always on my mind.  I’m really thankful for Will’s support and understanding in this topic.  It’s a real blessing that we have very similar perspectives and he’s been so helpful in reminding me about our priorities.


On an additional note, THIRTY-NINE DAYS LEFT!  Super excited and super ready (emotionally, not planning-wise) for the day to be here!  =D