Thirty days are in my way.  After seven months of planning, I want it to be done.  I want it to go away.  (I have no idea how people can be engaged/plan for longer than eight months!  I’m going nuts at seven!)

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all FOR the wedding itself.  I’m all FOR getting married.  I WAS all FOR wedding planning.  Early on, I liked it.  I had dreamed about my wedding since I was little, and now I was blessed enough to have a man who wanted to marry me and to be able to host such an event.  It was super exciting to think that my friends and family would witness a great milestone in my life. 

Now, I just want the day to be here.

The little details, though they’re little in relation to the other details, unfortunately don’t take a little time.  They take equal, if not more, time as the big details.  A simple detail about whether to get my nails done professionally or at home involves talking to salons, communicating with the bridesmaids to find out if they want to join in, figuring out a day/time for all of us to get together to do this beauty detail, and before you know it, I’ve spent almost two hours chatting and emailing.  I’m not saying that spending this amount of time means that I shouldn’t do it.  I’m just explaining that small things still take time and effort.  And add this small thing to other small things, and you’ll find that it’s very physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.

I’ve even been dreaming/nightmare-ing about the wedding.  Last week I dreamt that our wedding reception was at a Chinese restaurant.  During dinner, a student from my school came running through it and started having a tantrum in the middle of the restaurant.  Then after the guests left, Pastor Aaron comes up to me and Will and tells us that we can go to the Chinese supermarket next door and collect all the carrots and celery that we can find.  Then he will donate all the vegetables to the Arlington Food Pantry.  So me and Will go running through the supermarket (mind you, I’m in my wedding gown) digging through other groceries to find these items.  After this scavenger hunt, I start freaking out and asking Will if our he had seen our photographers at our reception because I didn’t remember seeing them there!  Then I woke up.  THANKFULLY.

Even when I’m not trying to plan, I wind up thinking about it anyway!  Can you see why I’m ready for the planning to end?

The thought about marrying Will has been on my mind since June 15, 2005.  The anticipation of marrying Will has been on my mind since September 9, 2009.  Now, thirty days stand between me and Will getting married.

The day planning ends and marriage begins will be a great day.

And if you didn’t catch on, THIRTY DAYS LEFT!