5 days…

More unpacking and settling in.  More grocery shopping for bread and milk and fruit.  Another home-cooked meal.  Another quiet night with Will – except for some scary parts in “The Professional.”  Did I mention I love DVR?

Had a very personal and touching phone conversation with my dad.  Another reminder that dads are still people.  People with feelings.  And I’m glad my dad is willing to share his emotion with me.  He always has.  I shed a few tears – but mostly because I realized how close our relationship is and that Saturday IS going to be a pretty significant day in my life.  After Saturday, I’m still going to be the same person; I’ll just have someone standing with me.

Will and I are in Jules Ko’s blog!  Check it out here.  Jules, Will and I love the post!  See you soon!

Notable “lasts” as a single woman:

– Last Monday

– Last Monday at work

– Last time grocery shopping (perhaps)

Jamaica in 7 days!

5 days…