4 days…

Saturday still seems so far away.  Probably because there’s so much that’s going to be happening between now and then.  Good stuff; just lots of stuff.

Today, with the help of two friends, we cleared out a bunch of our moving boxes.  Our apartment looks so much better without unnecessary junk lying around! =)

The wedding programs are off to the printers!

Will picked up his tux today.  He tried it on without the tie.  I told him to try it on, but the saleswoman told him not to.  That he should make me wait until Saturday.  I guess that’s fair.  If I get to keep my dress a secret until then, I guess Will can keep his tie a secret.

A couple of close friends called me and prayed for me over the phone.  It’s so awesome having sisters that know you, love you, and pray for you.

Notable “lasts” as a single woman:

– Last Tuesday

– Last Tuesday at work

(I’m realizing this list might wind up being pretty redundant.  Oh well.  =P)

4 days…