2 days…

This day was busy!

My coworkers had a lovely little party for me in the morning – coffee cake (which really needs its name changed because it doesn’t taste like coffee – misnomer! and how unfortunate for coffee-haters like me!), muffins, mint chocolate cookies, Rice Krispie treats, donuts, juice…and all complete with “K” and “W” monogrammed napkins! I got really cute cards from different staff. And lots of love and hugs from teachers and our students. My favorite conversations from yesterday:

Me: Bye C!
C: Where are you going?
Miss M.: She’s getting married!
Me: C, do you know what “getting married” means?
C: Do you know what getting married means?
Me: It means I get a husband.
C: Get a husband?

Miss K: A, say “Bye!”
A: “Buh, buh!”
Miss K: A, say “Good luck!”
A: “Coo coo!”

I love our kids at Crossroads. I think that there will be a few moments in the next week where I WILL miss them!

I’ve also come to realize that when you work full-time, you really do get close to your coworkers. This is my first real full-time job. I’ve worked full-time before, but it was usually for my internships, which I knew were only 12 weeks long. Knowing you’ll be gone in 3 months, I would tend to not feel like I need to share much of my personal life. But now that I’ve been at Crossroads for 9 months now, I really do feel very close to many of my coworkers and I guess that’s why I’ve wondered why they’re SO excited for me. They’ve become more than just people I work with; they’ve become friends. I came to Crossroads 5 days after we got engaged (literally.) So since then, they’ve heard my updates on wedding planning and been curious about what my dress looks like, how I’ll do my hair, where we’re living, where/when our honeymoon is. It’s been cool to update them on life. Thanks Crossroads for all the love and support! =)

We got our wedding bands yesterday. And due to some sizing issues, our jeweler actually came to the nail salon I was at and personally delivered them to me! Thanks Armen!

Melissa and Lisa came into town yesterday and me and the other bridesmaids met up and had our nails done. (Thanks Mia! Thanks Jessie for your help too!) We had a very nice dinner at Kashmir. More great conversation:

Waiter: Would you like your meal mild, medium, or hot?
Lisa: Hot.
Everyone else: Whoa!
Lisa: OK. Never mind.
(She wound up getting medium. The food came, she tasted it, and wished she had gotten hot. Hahaha!)

(This will only be funny to those that know and love “Mrs. Doubtfire.”)
Amy: Lisa, you should tell us about the circumcision.
Me (to Lisa): You got a circumcision? (Fully knowing we are referring to a surgery Lisa has encountered in her studies as a medical student.)
Amy: Yeah! Cuz she used to BE one.

Thanks girls for a great night!

No thanks to the meter maid. I hope the City of Boston takes pity on a soon-to-be bride!

Notable “lasts” as a single woman:
– Last Thursday
– Last Thursday at work
– Last night in Boston
– Last win for the Celtics (the next time they win, I’ll be married and packing for our honeymoon! =D)

2 days…