1 day…

Oh my goodness.  One day left.  Seems like it was yesterday that I was watching Will get down on one knee and pull out a ring.  Or maybe I was watching the video.  At the same time, it also feels like it’s been forever since that wonderful day in September.  There have been ups and downs, disagreements, tears, good news, great deals, and through it all, still lots of love.

Today involved a lot of running around and emails and finalizing details and getting items to people.  Rehearsal was good.  I felt kind of bossy, but I guess it’s just because I do have this vision of how it’s going to go and need to let people know what I’m envisioning.  And I guess the only way to do that is to tell them!

When Will was practicing giving his vow…I started feeling an emotion.  I’m not quite sure what emotion it was, but it manifested itself as a laugh.  And then tears.  I’ve heard these vows many times, but it’s never ever been said to me.  So I’m not sure what the name of that emotion would be, but that’s I guess the reason for why the emotion came about.  I’m hoping that’s all the tears for this weekend.  I don’t know how to handle makeup that runs!

Rehearsal dinner was good too.  It was kinda just a small taste of what is going to happen tomorrow – surrounded by awesome family and friends, laughing, telling stories, eating delicious food, and just enjoying each others’ company!

The girls and I are having a quiet night at my apartment, getting last minute things taken care of.  I am really thankful for all the prayers, hugs, and love!

Notable “lasts” as a single woman:

– Last Friday

– Last meal with my family

– Last time I see Will before I’m in a wedding gown

1 day…