We’ve made it past the six week mark! And we still love each other!

When people ask, “How’s married life?” it sounds kinda lame to say, “Great!” but that’s how I really feel. A list of why being married is great:

  • You live with your best friend
  • You prepare, cook, and eat (most) dinners together
  • You don’t have to say “goodbye” at night
  • It doesn’t matter who pays
  • You get to plan and travel together

In the past six weeks, I’ve realized a few things too:

  • My cell phone logs used to have a lot of minutes docked to Will’s name.  Now, we probably only talk on the phone for a few minutes a month – mostly to tell each other when we’ll be home (if we were out) or that “I’m at the store, do you need anything?”
  • Prior to getting married, I used to highly value any time I got to spend with Will.  Even on days when we weren’t scheduled to meet up, I would sorta reserve that time for Will.  Some days it was difficult to see Will go off to play with some of his friends especially when I didn’t feel like I’d gotten enough Will-time myself.  Now, I don’t feel that way.  Since we see each other everyday, my Will-time gets filled much more quickly and regularly.  It also helps knowing that if Will goes out, I am going to get to see him when he comes home.  (And now, “home” is also my home!)  All in all, I feel more emotionally-able to see Will leave, knowing that I’ll get to see him later!
  • Going to other peoples’ weddings is much more enjoyable when you don’t have your own to plan.  Before our wedding, I’d attend weddings and think things like, “Oh I like how they did that!  Let’s make sure we do that too!” or “We were planning to do that too, but it looks like it didn’t work so well, so let’s change it.”  Now, since we can’t rewind time, I can go to a wedding without thinking too much about theirs or ours…and just enjoy it!

I won’t deny some bumps in the road.  We’re both getting used to each others’ living habits, food preferences, schedules, and still working on communicating better.  But I’ve been reassured by other married couples that these are all normal.

Being married is SO much better than dating or being engaged!

Life is good.

And I know you’re probably tired of watching our group dance, but here is our slow dance combined with our group dance!  AWESOME.