Dear God, I pray for the engaged.  Both the fiance and fiancee.

I pray on behalf of them as they are probably both too busy planning the wedding day schedule, making centerpieces, packing for the honeymoon, or deciding if the kiddie cousins should sit with their parents or at an all kids’ table.

I pray for the soon-to-be bride.  I pray that you will give her encouragement and support physically, emotionally, and mentally.  It can be very exhausting running around to craft store after craft store, comparing prices and hoping you got the best deal.  It can be emotionally taxing dealing with not only her own preferences, but also those of the fiance, two sets of parents, and other people that feel like they can impose their preferences.  It can be mentally draining thinking of all the little details: “What time should the hair stylist come?  What time should the photographer arrive?  If we take pictures at 12:30pm is that enough time for us to get to the church?  What if our six-hour photography package isn’t long enough?  Will my mother get to the church on time?”

I lift her cares and worries to you.  Encourage her to know that it is okay to think about these things, to make lists, and discuss timetables.  But I do ask you, Lord, to remind her gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) that it’s not okay to obsess and freak out.  Remind her that she can only do what she can do – the things that are out of her control are for You.  Making the perfect seating chart is great and all, but remind her that she cannot control whether Aunt Mildred gets sick that day, and that that is okay.  There will be unforeseeable and uncontrollable hiccups that occur during wedding planning and the wedding day, and that that is alright.  What she can control is whether she freaks out or not when those happen.

I pray for the soon-to-be groom.  I pray you’ll give him strength physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Help him as he helps carry heavy registry boxes that arrive and the seemingly endless amount of Michael’s and AC Moore bags.  Give him the emotional courage to express his feelings regarding first dance song choices, vow wording, and that he’s “so excited to get married to his best friend.”  Provide him good mental health as he navigates what his finacee wants vs what his mother wants (ie. remind him to always side with the fiancee – it’s good for his health.)

I lift his cares and worries to you.  Give him words of encouragement and remind him that his fiance will not always be like this.  He loved her before she began wedding planning – he will definitely still love her once it’s over.  (He’ll love her more.)  Wedding planning does take up most, if not all, of a finacee’s free time, but once it’s over, you two will go back to your pre-engaged life of actually watching TV (and not doing some wedding-related thing while watching), eating out (and not taste testing cakes or hors d’oeuvres), and going on day trips (and not to visit possible reception sites or modeling for an engagement photoshoot).  Things will go back to normal.  Give him peace about the amount of money he makes and the amount of money he’ll be spending on the wedding.  His worth is worth much more than what is printed on his paycheck or his credit card statement.  Let him find confidence in himself through You.

God, amidst all of this, I pray you’ll give them opportunities for them to take a break to take a breath and remember the whole point of a wedding.  The presents.  Uh, I mean, marriage.  The wedding planning is _#_ of months, the wedding is one day, but the marriage is going to last their age at death minus their age presently.  God designed marriage, not wedding planning.  So help the engaged couple use at least some energy to focus on what is God-given and what you have blessed them with.

I do pray for their impending marriage.  I pray for love, respect, repentance, and forgiveness that can only come from You.  The lows will be low – strengthen their marriage in these times.  Give them other married couples and friends to pray for them, listen to them, and provide advice and encouragement.  The highs will be high – may these times be thrilling, exciting, and provide them awesome memories that will last a lifetime.  May their community also rejoice in these times (and hold parties and give them more presents).  I pray they will rely on you in all their struggles and remember your blessings in all their successes.

You have been faithful.

And all God’s people (single, engaged, and married) said:


In all seriousness (though, that prayer was actually serious), I really do pray for those of you who are engaged.  Whether you’re getting married this weekend, next month, or next year, I do lift this prayer up for you.  As one who went through it all just recently, I know it’s difficult.  (See previous posts!)  I was blessed to have family and friends who prayed for me.   I was also reminded frequently that I can only control so much, the rest is God’s.  And sometimes it’s better that way.  (Controlling Aunt Mildred’s health, the amount of precipitation, or the punctuality of all the relatives would be chaotic.  Just slightly.)

I’d wish you good luck, but I think this prayer would be more powerful.