And attacked it with aluminum foil and Post-It notes?

We came back from our honeymoon near midnight on Saturday, May 22.  And we opened the door…and found this:

My first thought: Did we get a new chair?  Then we turned on all the lights and saw more:

“Made in Jamaica?”  NO.

“I’m here to do your dishes!”

“Hey Will, There’s food in the fridge and kalbi in the freezer.  Happy Eating.”

My lovely Soul Sisters made two trays of chicken spaghetti and put it in the freezer for us!  They read my blog post. =)

Foil was wrapped around every little item in Will’s desk – pennies, CDs, Sharpies…

See more here:

Thanks SF, JY, KP, JS, RM, SW, CJ, BL, JK, RY, and anyone else that “doesn’t know what I’m talking about.”