I hope this is the last wedding-related financial post.

I know people are always interested in how much weddings cost.  Here’s our wedding expense sheet – in percentages.  We spent about 1/3 of my year’s salary on the total wedding, so you can take your own guess as to what the dollar amounts are!

Reception (food, open limited bar for 175 guests): 49.85%

Photography (11 hour package, engagement shoot): 18.18%

Honeymoon (5 night, all inclusive resort, including airfare): 13.47%

Apparel/beauty (gown, chi pao, accessories, mani/pedi, makeup, hair): 3.95%

Rings: 3.81%

Gifts (bridal party, helpers): 2.68%

Rehearsal dinner (40 people): 2.39%

Printed materials (invitations, programs, mailing costs): 1.07%

Flowers: 1.43%

Church: 1.15%

Cake: .93%

Videography: .57%

Decorations (ceremony, centerpieces, photobooth): .28%

Marriage license: .20%

AND we still wound up being under our anticipated budget!  =)

July for the Shaos has been good.  We watched July 4th fireworks from home, which ended my (probably) eight year streak of watching fireworks live.  We just ended our three-straight-weekend-wedding-marathon.  (One of those weddings was of two really close friends who we’ve been wedding-planning with and we’re so excited to now have another couple to go through newlywed life with!)  We’ve both been fighting off a cold for the last two weeks of July.  And today, I changed my last name on my bank account and we now have our first joint account!

Overall, we’re doing well and life is still good.