I haven’t been posting for many reasons:
1) Spontaneously took a fast from Facebook for about two months now. I’ve changed my status a few times to mark some important moments (birthday, six month wedding anniversary), but otherwise, have been off it and think it’s been great!
2) Work is busy and is on my mind even after I leave the parking lot, so not much brain power left to blog.
3) Joined three small groups at church and am in the Christmas Choir and helped recruit and organize artists for the Highrock devotional, so nights off are fewer.

Overall, since my last post, things have been okay. Marriage involves a lot of hard work and many tough discussions and decisions, but I love Will more than I did six months ago and we’re pretty settled in our living routines and I love being able to be in the same home. Ministry work is busy and involves a lot of time commitment and planning, but I’ve learned a lot and been blessed to have fellowship with married couples, artists, and women. Work has been going through a lot of changes and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had a bunch of restless nights, but hope peaceful sleep is coming soon.

That’s pretty much been my life – marriage, work, and church.

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