My birthday was on October 12 and I was blessed to be able to celebrate for 10 days!  Here’s some highlights:

On October 3, Amy and Frank treated me to “Wicked.”  I’ve been wanting to see this show since 2005 and got my chance!  Will agreed to accompany me and he enjoyed it as well.  LOVED the show.  Thanks Amy and Frank!  One of my best birthday presents ever!

On October 9, Will and I went apple picking at Honey Pot Hill Orchards.  It was my very first time apple picking and it was a fun time enjoying autumn!

We went through a hedge maze:

Apple picking time!

Mutsu apples were our favorite!

My turn!

My parents raved about the restaurant at the hotel they stayed at for our wedding.  So we checked it out for my birthday dinner.  We enjoyed a $5 HUGE bowl of clam chowder.  We ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture of it!  We enjoyed dinner there and, due to one small complaint, we had one main course comped!

On my actual birthday, we went to our newlywed small group and Will surprised me with a birthday cake to share with everyone!  I was truly surprised!  Will took the time to go buy a cake, drop it off at the Macrae’s, come back home to pick me up, and then go back to the Macrae’s for small group!  He’s so thoughtful!

The last remnants of the cake:

I had a great birthday!  I’m looking forward to many many more!