Will’s birthday was on December 22.  We celebrated the weekend before by going to the gun range!  The American Firearms School has a  “Learn to Shoot” program where you get an instructor, range time, a .22 caliber firearm rental, 100 rounds, and 2 targets.  All for $40/person.  And we asked Erick and Amy Moy to join us!  (There were no cameras allowed inside the range, so no action shots of us shooting!)

Amy was excited to shoot and Erick (despite a cold) was convinced to shoot too.  (My theory: Once you put a gun in a guy’s hand, he’ll have to shoot it before he lets it go!)

Here are our targets:

Will's targets

My targets

Will wanted to try out a .45 caliber firearm, so he got to shoot a Glock:

It was a really fun and unique experience.  At first I was scared; you’re holding a weapon that can kill people!  But after learning how to use it and be safe, I really appreciated it.  I can’t say I’d go again, but I’m glad I went at least once.

We also celebrated Will’s birthday with chicken wings from Whatta Wing, dinner with his family at Asian Gourmet, ice cream cake with his relatives, and dinner at New Fortune with my family in Maryland.

Happy Birthday Will!  I hope this is the first of many that I get to celebrate as your wife!