A crazy thing happened this week!  I got an email from my wedding photographer Jules Ko on Wednesday night.  She was forwarding me an email:

“Hi Jules,

I’m hoping you can help me! I’m a Casting Producer at The Newlywed Game in NYC and I’m looking for couples for a special “Royal Wedding” week of shows and one of the things we’re looking for are couples named William & Kate (or some variation of those names) and I came across a couple you shot named Katherine and Will and I think they looked really fun and wanted to see if they’d be interested in applying to our show.

We are moving quickly with casting for this special episode so if you think they’d be interested, I’d love to talk to them ASAP.

I’ll give you a call in the morning and we can talk further.


I was so surprised and excited when I read the email!  How often does a game show seek you out to come onto their show?  And for such a specific episode!  Did you know that Kate Middleton is really Catherine Elizabeth Middleton?  And who am I?  Katherine Elizabeth Shao!  How much closer to their names can you get?  (Just to set the record straight, Will and I were the FIRST Will and Katherine!)

Will and I were definitely interested in getting more information.

The next afternoon I gave Erin a call.  She gave me more details about the show. They were going to be taping a week of shows relating to the Prince and Kate: variations of their name, people who were married in a castle, etc.  First place wins a second honeymoon, and second/third place wins a sponsored prize valued at $250.  I asked what kind of prize that could be and she mentioned that it could be a dinner for two in Manhattan.  I was still interested, so she emailed me the application and told me to fill it out and then we could schedule a Skype date with her.

Will came home later that afternoon and I told him more of the details.  We decided to watch a recent episode of the show on youtube to get a better idea of what we’d be getting ourselves into.  As I watched the show, I could feel our opportunity to be on TV start slipping away.

“What grocery store item most closely resembles your husband’s personal shopper: A French baguette, a Polish sausage, or a good ol’ American Twinkie?”

My nervous smile, Will’s concerned eyes…

About half of the questions were sex-related.

I read the application.  Part of it is a video interview simulating one of their questions, so that their casting department can see how you react to the question and answers.  The question they wanted us to answer was, “In my favorite sex fantasy, my partner would be a _______, and I would be a _______.”

Imagine how embarrassing that’d be!  Even if I wanted to share this answer, can you imagine how difficult it’d probably be to have both people answer the same way?  The most probable situation would be that both people say something completely different, and now you’ve embarrassed yourself twice.

Will and I are pretty conservative people, and we’re just not the type of people that are comfortable sharing our most private experience with the most public audience.

I was SO bummed that we couldn’t be on the show.  I moped around the house for a good 15 minutes.  I want to be on TV!  And to have an opportunity seek  you out!  It was so difficult to let it go and email Erin to let her know that we wouldn’t be participating.

After a few conversations with my sister and friends, I realized that this really was the best decision.  Imagine what would happen if we were on the show, and my parents watched it.  Or Will’s parents watched it.  Or my church watched it.  Or my kids or grandkids watched it!  Imagine if my future employers watched it!  Things these days NEVER get deleted.

On the episode we watched, first place won a trip to Barbados.  Second and third place?  A coffee maker.

My reputation is worth more than a vacation.  And definitely worth more than a coffee maker.

And as Will says, as he cheered me up, “There’s always ‘Wheel of Fortune!'”