Will and I spent our first wedding anniversary in York, Maine.  I was really looking forward to a nice three-day weekend, eating seafood to my heart’s content, and just enjoying being with my best friend.  It didn’t go exactly my way.

We drove up to York on Saturday morning.  Stopped at Roost Cafe and Bistro:

York, Maine:

Our accommodations for the weekend: Bittersweet Bed and Breakfast – AWESOME place!  Highly recommended!

Dinner that night at Cape Neddick Lobster Pound:

Lunch on Sunday at Fisherman’s Catch in Wells, ME:

Dinner on Sunday at York Harbor Inn:

Lobster rolls at Shore Road Market for lunch on Monday (We were in luck!  This was their opening day for the summer season!)

And we finished up the trip with some shopping at Kittery Outlets!  (Just some of our loot!)

The interesting part of the trip: I had an infected wisdom tooth and was put on antibiotics.  I couldn’t chew on that side and the antibiotics made me nauseous.  The seawater and seafood was particularly making me nauseous.  Spring allergies were the most awful that I have ever experienced – nose wouldn’t stop running, congested into my brain, and I couldn’t taste anything.  So, even though I wanted to eat as much seafood as my body could handle, it didn’t handle it too well.  And I took some Benadryl on Saturday night to see if it would help my allergies (so that I could hopefully taste food for the rest of the trip), except it didn’t work and it made me drowsy all day on Sunday.  (I was only awake for about 5 hours that whole day – for meals.)

Despite all of this, I’m glad that Will was with me to take care of me.  (He let me sleep when the Benadryl kicked in and I’m thankful there was 3G access so that Will could play Angry Birds on his Droid.)  I’m also glad that we weren’t on some exotic cruise in the Caribbean that required us to show up for our dolphin encounter.

We made the most of our trip, celebrating the year God had given us together.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already looking forward to our two year anniversary!