On Sunday, August 28, we went to River City Community Church.  It is a small world as Will saw his friend from CBCGB who was also visiting this church for the first time since moving to Chicago three weeks ago!  After church, Will’s cousin, Kathy, picked us up and drove us to Chinatown!

We had dimsum at Phoenix and met up with more of Will’s relatives.  It was the first time I got to meet this cutie:

Family photo:

We found out that little L was born October 11, 2008.  I’m born October 12, 1984, which means we’re both rats!

She is so cute!  We bonded immediately – must be because we’re now related!

HAD to get Joy Yee’s bubble tea.  Almost everyone I asked for restaurant recommendations had this place on their list!

P.S.  While we were in Chinatown, we saw a Chinese chess tournament!  It was so amusing seeing all these old Chinese men on stage watching other Chinese men play.

Then we headed into the city for Portillo’s hot dogs:

And we got to see Susan!  Boston reunion in Chicago!

Then we checked out the Rock N Roll McDonald’s across the street.  It has plasma TVs and leather seat booths!

Then we made our way to Pinkberry where it was reaffirmed that it is a small world.  I saw my friend Melody from CBCM whose family’s beach house we would use later that week.  She was visiting her boyfriend who lives in Chicago.  She is currently rooming with Winyan who knows Susan from UIUC!  TINY WORLD.

Courtesy of Susan

It was a wonderful day!  (And we got to miss Hurricane Irene!)

Stay tuned…