On Monday, August 29, we saw Chicago from the air, land, and sea!

We first went to the Skydeck of the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).  I love skylines.  But I also love miniature things.  So combine those two by looking at the skyline from a tall height = ❤

Can you see the Buckingham fountain?  That was where we were a few days ago!

They have these sky ledges that you can step into:

I’m usually not that great with heights, but I wasn’t afraid this time.  Will, however, was shaking like a leaf!

Found this bugger.  How’d he get up here?

After we came down from the sky, we went to Lou Malnati’s on North Wells and met up with Cindy!

Look at this!

We’re happy to have tried Chicago deep dish pizza!

Then we went on an architecture boat tour with Wendella boats!  This tour took us along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan!

Can you see the sky ledges?

Navy pier:

Then we found the Marilyn Monroe statue:

If you look up her dress, you know what’s there?  There’s a big sign that says, “You pervert!”

Just kidding!

Then we had dinner at Francesca’s on Taylor (recommendation courtesy of Val which is where Joseph Tsang goes when he’s in town.)  Met up with Jess!

Another beautiful day of food, friends, and fantastic views!

Stay tuned…