On Tuesday, August 29, we went to XOCO.  Look who we saw!

As a Bravo TV/Top Chef fan, it was so cool to see him!

And look what we got to eat:


And look who we got to see:

Then we headed off to:

We played with our shadows:

Remember I told you I like miniature things?

And watch the tree fall (and go back upright):

We got to see some baby chicks:

Passed this, but didn’t pay the extra money to see it since we’ve seen it in Boston:

Is this our future?

There were no pictures taken of me beating Will in the relaxation contest!  Sensors were wrapped around your head and the more you relaxed, the more you pushed a little ball toward your opponent.  Did I mention I won?

We stayed until they kicked us out and made our way over to Crisp.   This was our FIRST meal by ourselves!  That was how many people we knew in the area!  Thanks to everyone who came to see us and eat with us!

Anyone want Korean fried chicken?

Chicago, you were a wonderful experience!  The architecture, skyline, and art are amazing.  Food – SO delicious.  Thank you for your hospitality.  You also house some of our dearest friends and family.  Please take care of them (especially in the winter).  We hope to be back soon!

Thanks for reading my blog series on Chicago.  Up next?  Bethany Beach with the Tungs!