And they taste so good!

On Wednesday, August 31, we left Chicago and flew to Boston.  We had a short layover and then flew to Baltimore.  My parents came with Chris and we went to Bethany Beach.  A family from church lent us their beautiful beach house and we had a great time!  We stayed until September 5.

We went crabbing in the backyard!

We lowered the cages into the water:

The back of the house and the view from the dock:

We had beautiful weather at the beach!

Guess who?

That’s my dad, working on his book on his laptop.  [Towel is to reduce glare.]

When we came back from the beach, look what we found waiting for us:

They went straight here:

And ended up here:

During our trip, we also ate Vietnamese spring rolls, meatballs, and macarons from Melissa’s new restaurant, Bouchon Bakery!

And we had, of course, more crabs!

Before feasting:

After feasting:

We played Hoopla together:

While we were at the beach, Will got a present:


I even had some down time while the boys played golf to do some crafts!

On Labor Day, we left the beach house, only to find bumper to bumper traffic from everyone else leaving.  We missed our flight, shelled out $300 for another flight, and missed Will’s auction draft.  We improvised:

After 11 days, we made it back to our home sweet home.

This vacation was one of my favorite ever.  I got to travel with my best friend, see family and dear friends, eat new foods, and see new sights.  Family, friends, and Chicago – I hope to see you all soon!

Thanks for reading this series!