Among my church friends, I have become known as someone who writes mad libs. It all started over two years ago at ArtSpeak where I made a mad lib to illustrate the unoriginality of prayers.  That turned out to be a hit and a mad lib made an appearance at my wedding as a speech by two of our friends.  This summer, I made one for a friend’s bridal shower and then later as my bridesmaid’s speech.  After my speech, one of the guests pulled me aside and told me that that was the best speech she had ever heard!  So, over the past few years, mad libs have been “my thing.”

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to help her write a mad lib for her birthday. We created and edited it together on Google docs and, with the help of her forty or so friends, created a hilarious story!  My birthday was a few weeks after hers and I edited the one we made to create a story for me!  I had some friends over last weekend, but we were having too much fun playing “Apples to Apples” and “Hoopla” that I forgot to pull it out.

So, readers, it’s your turn to help me fill in the story!  Below are the words I need from you!  Please comment with the number and the word.  (Example: “2. Canoe”) Be creative and think outside of the box!  Only a maximum of five words per commenter.  After all the words are filled in, I’ll post the story we create!

1. Number

2. Type of transportation

3. Article of clothing (plural)

4. Food item (plural)

5. Type of beverage

6. Adjective

7. Type of transportation

8. Town in Massachusetts

9. Color

10. Adjective

11. Height

12. Name

13. Body part

14. Number

15. Object

16. Occupation

17. U.S. city

18. Dollar amount

19. Type of shelter

20. Animal

21. Name

22. T.V. show

23. Activity

24. Game show

25. Dollar amount

26. Country

27. Island

28. Insect (plural)

29. Adjective

30. Condiment/sauce

31. Olympic sport

32. A number between 0 and 25

33. A number between 0 and 8

34. Something you do every day

35. A bad habit

36. Number (first, second, etc…)

37. Number higher than the answer for #36 (above)

38. Number

39. Holiday

40. Name

41. Type of relative

42. Animal

43. Food

44. Percentage

45. Adjective