On December 9-11, 2011, Highrock will be hosting their fifth annual Christmas benefit concert.  I’ve been singing in it for the past four years.  I would’ve been in the first one, but I didn’t know about it then!

The concert is one of my favorite Highrock events.  I might even venture to say that it’s one of my favorite events period every year.  There is just something special about coming together as brothers and sisters and singing in harmony!


I love singing.  I love listening to singing.  But when it comes to performing, there’s something different between choirs and acapella groups.  It’s probably just my personal preference, but I’m not into the “wah’s,” “ba ba’s,” or “da’s.”  I love listening to it, but (maybe it’s my personality – I can’t let go and sing word sounds) I much more enjoy participating in choirs.  When I heard about Highrock’s choir in the late summer of 2008, I was so excited.  I haven’t sung in a choir since elementary school (unless you count musicals, then middle school).  When I heard about the Christmas choir, I didn’t know anything about it – how many people are in it, what the first year was like, what type of songs we sing.  All I knew was we had a choir and I wanted to be in it!


The past three years have been awesome.  We practice for 10 weeks for two hours each Sunday.  The week leading up to the show we have 10+ hours of practice.  But it’s worth is!  Once the last show is over, I can’t wait until the next fall for rehearsals!  It’s exhausting, but the kind of exhaustion that I’m more than willing to experience.  Last year my neck and shoulders hurt for two days after the show.  Why?  We have to stand still in a small space and the only motion that you can do is from the neck up.  I basically was doing neck exercises for six shows.  But if that’s what I get for having a great time singing all weekend, I’ll take it!

The quality of Highrock’s choir concert is superb.  For a perfectionist type like me, I am amazed at what a church can do.  From the band to the homemade desserts, the lighting, decor, publicity items, the list goes on.  It’s so professional, but so warm and welcoming.  The ways people are gifted and can use that for God is amazing.


Each year we raise money for a cause in Arlington, MA.  For three years, we helped raise money for the Arlington Food Pantry.  The concerts were so successful that the food pantry didn’t need our support anymore!  So last year and this year we’ll be benefiting the Arlington Youth Counseling Center.  We want to fully fund a case manager program for the town.  Help us achieve this goal!

Check out our website and buy tickets before they sell out!  And they do sell out each year, so buy your tickets soon!


In case you’re wondering what the concert is like, or you’re doubting that we could sound that good, check out these youtube videos of songs from last year!

Jesus Saves (I’ve never seen this video before today and when you’re on stage you don’t know what’s happening behind you, thus at 3:32, I was even amazed.):

Is There Any Wonder?:

I hope you join us to celebrate Christmas!