I love birthdays.  Growing up, it was always a big deal.  It wasn’t elaborate or anything; just a very special day for us.  My siblings and I were all born in different months so we never had to share our celebration.  It was all about us.  I got to have a party and invite the friends I wanted.  I got pizza and cake.  Usually me and my friends would have a craft (thanks to Mom!) to make and keep.  When I got into middle-school age, I got to have sleepovers!  Staying up WAY late, doing gymnastics and “trances.”  We did silly things, but it was awesome.

Will didn’t grow up with a big emphasis on his birthday.  It probably didn’t help that his was three days before Christmas.  So we’ve had a bunch of conversations on the topic of birthdays.  I didn’t realize that not everyone’s birthday was as celebrated as mine.  And I was confused why Will didn’t really care too much about his!  (Yet another thing showcasing how our childhood differences impact us now.)  And Will isn’t the best “planner,” so he’s definitely had a tough challenge in celebrating my birthday.

This year, on October 12, we went to dinner at Shangri-La in Belmont:

We also went apple picking at Shelburne Farm in Stow, MA.  We did this last year too; looks like it might be a tradition!

We went straight to our favorite apple:

Then we celebrated with some friends!

I made my first lasagna!  It was gobbled up before I could snap a picture of the finished product!

Then we enjoyed some games!

And our youngest partier:

And it’s time for cake!

Thanks for celebrating with me! 🙂