Our trip to Australia and NZ consisted of a lot of excursions.  Will and I have realized that we’re not the “museum type” traveler.  We don’t like going to museums to look/read things.  We don’t like walking tours.  We would much rather “do” something and learn about it along the way.  The first excursion we did was the BridgeClimb.  I had seen this on “Oprah” and thought it’d be a cool way to see, learn, and experience the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Who can say they’ve walked on top of a bridge?!

It was raining (we wound up being there in the wettest April since 1998!) during our climb, which made it more memorable!  (Or at least that’s what we told ourselves to make us feel better.)  The railings and ladders were wet and slippery, but we survived.  They provided all the gear – BridgeSuits, rain jackets, rain pants, headphone set, and cap.  No cameras were allowed – probably for fear they’d drop in the water or through a car underneath us.  (They made sure everything on us was attached – eyeglasses and hats were strapped to our suits!)  We did the 3.5 hour guided journey all the way to the summit.  We climbed up vertical ladders, traversed the catwalks, and white-knuckled the railings all the way to the top!  At the top, our guide, Bernie, told us that we were at 134m (440 ft) or seven seconds. 🙂

We walked across the top of the bridge, over the highway underneath, and took this picture!

It was pretty cool to stand there and see the cars rushing underneath.  Later, when we made our way down the ladders, a train flew by our heads!  What an experience!

Our group of climbers included a family from Perth, a young dating couple, and four teachers from Chicago!  Here is our complimentary photo!

I really enjoyed exploring the bridge and seeing some awesome views of Sydney.  This was just the first of our adrenaline-filled activities!