In Sydney we stayed at The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel located in The Rocks, SydneyI found it on TripAdvisor; it was highly recommended, in an area near attractions and restaurants, and was in our price range.  After booking the hotel, we watched a show that I had DVR’d called “1000 Places to See Before You Die” and they highlighted the hotel because it’s the oldest licensed hotel and oldest pub brewery.  “We’re staying there!  We’re going to be there,” I shouted.  Our hotel is famous. 🙂

We stayed in a cute little room and shared a bathroom.

Every morning we had complimentary continental breakfast in the restaurant on the second floor.  It was the best breakfast we had all trip.

“Our” table.  The cereal in the bowl became our favorite cereal!  At a trip to a supermarket in New Zealand, I found out it’s called Nutri-Grain made by Kellogg’s!  I was tempted to buy a box to bring home, but it was $5.50 and I think if I brought it back, I’d have to get personal shipments from Australia to continue eating it!

The view from my seat

The rest of the restaurant

This is not “wheat bread.”  It’s “brown toast.”

And fresh fruit each day!

Playing around with my new camera’s macro setting:

And we tried vegemite peanut butter!  Vegemite is a food paste made from brewer’s yeast extract, a by-product of beer manufacturing!

On the first morning, we noticed this item on the table.  We thought it was salt, but wasn’t sure what it was doing on the table.  The next morning, I decided to butter my brown toast and sprinkle some of this salt on top.  DELICIOUS!  Had this combo for all the rest of my breakfasts!

On one afternoon, we went downstairs to the brewery to try some of their beers!

Will with his Three Sheets:


Me and my cider:

All in all, this was a great hotel/restaurant/brewery to be our accommodation for our Sydney stay!  I definitely recommend this place!