One day we walked down from our hotel to Chinatown.  We stopped for dim sum at Marigold Restaurant on a recommendation from our friend Janet.

It was yummy!  Expensive, but yummy!  The US dollar is weaker than the Australian dollar, so we had to get use to the sticker shock!  Plus, they pay their waiters well, so we don’t have to tip, but that also increases the price.

We stopped by Market City/Paddy’s Market and did some shopping! (After all the rain, look how blue the sky is! :D)

There are so many vendors in the market!  You can get clothes, jewelry, games, toys, kitchen items, everything!

And groceries!

We picked up some souvenirs:

We then walked to the Sydney Fish Market.

Some things we saw while on our way:

The Australian White Ibis:

Gorgeous, towering, shady trees.  Will and I loved the trees in Australia.  Seemed so much different, in a good way, than American trees.

And we finally made it to the Sydney Fish Market!

Wait, isn’t that the Zakim Bridge in Boston?… Oh just kidding, it’s just the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) bridge.  (More on ANZAC in another post…)

Sydney Fish Market is the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere and trades up to 100 species every day!  Every person I talked to recommended eating at the Fish Market…so we did!

He looks so annoyed, it’s funny.

There were sooo many Asians!!

After looking at all the seafood, it’s time to eat!  Tuna roll for me:

Tuna sashimi for Will:

Seaweed salad for us:

Excited to eat!

This video makes me laugh every time.


We headed outside to take some pictures.

ANZAC bridge

Will is very happy and full.

The outdoor eating area.  Watch your food because the birds WILL swoop in and steal it!

Thank you Chinatown and Fish Market for memorable food experiences!  More food to come…