I heard lots of good things about Taronga Zoo.  And the rain stopped for us to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun!

We walked to the Circular Quay and caught a ferry to the zoo.  It was a quick 12-minute ferry ride.  Got to see amazing views of the harbour.

We’ll be in here later!

We were on top of that!

Fort Denison: used to be a prison.

Skylines make me happy.

We’re here!

Our tickets take you up on a skyrail to get to the entrance of the zoo.  The zoo is built on a hill, so you enter at the top of the hill and wind your way down, through the exhibits, and back down to the wharf.

Our married small group had an intriguing discussion about bilbys (or bilbies?) before we left!



Tasmanian devil!


We caught the bird show!  As we waited, I got a video of Sydney from the other side of the harbour.


Stopped for lunch!

Seal show!

This seal makes a really funny noise!  We heard a loud noise while we were walking near this exhibit, but wasn’t sure what was going on.  As we approached, we realized kids were imitating the sound this seal made!  Listen/watch closely to see the seal cry out!  (Hint: 0:14)

And a look around from Taronga!

Goodbye Taronga animals!

On our way back on the ferry, caught a picture of the BridgeClimbers!  That was us a few days before!

We grabbed some drinks from the brewery in our hotel.

Will is happy.

We walked to Circular Quay and browsed the many restaurants there.  In Australia, all of the restaurants post their menus before you enter.  Very helpful!  Chose Rossini to enjoy dinner!

We dressed up because we caught “Infinity” at the Sydney Opera House!  I completely enjoyed the ballet.  Will didn’t hate it. 🙂

It was a very busy day, but we’re not even halfway done with our trip!