…And I’m only 12!

[Taking a break from my Australia posts…]

Went to Maryland last week for a family vacation to Bethany Beach, DE. Dad had converted our home videos from when we were growing up to DVD, so we watched them for fun at night.

On April 25, 1997, I was in 7th grade at Wood Middle School in Rockville, MD. I was in our spring musical “Fiddler on the Roof.” I play Fruma Sarah, the dead wife of Lazer-Wolfe. I had to sit on top of another 7th grader’s shoulders to add drama to my character. Here are the lyrics to my part:

Tevye!! Tevye!!!!!
What is this about your daughter marrying my husband?

He’s her husband!

Fruma Sarah:
Would you do this to your friend and neighbor Fruma Sarah?
(Fruma Sarah!)

Have you no consideration for a woman’s feelings?
(Woman’s feelings!)

Handing over my belongings to a total stranger!
(Total stranger!)

How? How can you let your daughter to take my place?
Live in my house
Carry my keys
And wear my clothes

How can you allow your daughter to take her place?

Fruma Sarah:
Such a learned man as Tevye wouldn’t let it happen!
(Let it happen!)
Tell me that it isn’t tue and then I wouldn’t worry!
(Wouldn’t worry!)
Say you didn’t give your blessing to your daughter’s marriage
(Daughter’s marriage)
Let me tell you what would follow such a fataled wedding
(fataled wedding!)

If Tzietl marries Lazer-Wolfe
I pity them both!
She’d live with him three weeks
And when three weeks are up
I’ll come to her by night
I’ll take her by the throat and
This I’ll give your Tzietl
That I’ll give your Tzietl
This I’ll give your Tzietl

Here’s my wedding present if she marries Lazer-Wolfe!

Did you hear all that applause? 🙂