On our last full day in Sydney, we waled from our hotel to Pancakes on the Rocks.  It was another recommendation from friends.  On our way, we saw this interesting art piece.

“Still Life with Stone and Car” (2004)

“Blueberry Heaven”

“Aussie Sunrise”


After breakfast, we went to the harbor to take a ferry to Manly Beach.

At the harbor to the beach, we found a candy kiosk and chose for ourselves a selection of candies!  Lots of sour gummies!

Korean food for lunch!

I had ice cream, of course!

On the ferry ride back, took some gorgeous pictures of the opera house.  (See picture at top of post too!)

Stopped by the Royal Botanic Garden.  This is the Government House.  The tree is amazing.  What’s with me and these Australian trees?

Wurrungwuri”  The sign says to not climb the structure.

For our last dinner in Sydney, we ate at The Rocks Cafe.

Will got a kangaroo burger!

Homemade kangaroo patty with beetroot, caramelized onion, rocket & tomato sauce served on sesame burger bun.

Took a walk to the Sydney Tower Eye and passed by the Westin Sydney.  So pretty at night!

We were walking to the 360 Bar and Dining, which is the restaurant at the top of the Tower Eye and it rotates 360 degrees above Sydney.  However, when we got there, we were informed that we could not wear “trainers” (aka “sneakers”) in the bar.  So we were declined entrance!  Discrimination against sneakers!

Oh well.  Got gelato on the way home to make up for it.  😛

On our last day, took some final photos from the Sydney Observatory.

Bye Sydney!  We had a blast!  Maybe we’ll see you later!