I’m 1 month old!

I am about 11 pounds. Earlier this month, I had some trouble gaining weight, but not anymore! I eat well now and sleep pretty well on my own. I sleep best in my car seat, even at night! I like being held upright against your chest. I am starting to coo and smile and enjoy baths. I can stay awake happily for about a half hour after I eat. My visual and auditory tracking is pretty good and I like to move my arms and legs. I have been to church three times and several cookouts. I have met all my grandparents and aunts and uncle and many of my parent’s friends.

My parents are enamored by me and are learning how to care for me. They think I am so cute and love kissing and playing with me. They were able to go out for a dinner and movie date. I think they are pretty great! I guess I will keep them

What will next month be like?