I’m two months old today!

This month has been a lot of fun! I have been on several play dates with baby A and E (though I think the moms have more fun than us babies :P). I like to sleep through church, even today’s Acton worship gathering. Trips in my stroller or the car lull me to sleep. I don’t really like tummy time, but I do like to stand up and work out my legs and neck. I’m pretty good at holding my head up! I Skype often with my grandpa and nana and my other grandparents come over to see me. My aunt Melissa visited and we snuggled every chance we could get! Bedford Day was fun; I got a balloon and my parents bought me some books from the book sale at the library. They like to read me stories before bed. I went mini-golfing with mom and dad and attended my first Parish Games where our parish won! I like walks around the neighborhood (I met many of our neighbors at our block party) and along the bike path. I visited dad’s office and everyone said I was so cute and commented about how much hair I have! (Mom says she will have to cut my hair soon as it is covering my ears!)

I eat and sleep well (I sleep in my crib now), but still like to check on my parents 2-3 times at night. I weigh about 13 pounds and I am in the 99th percentile for height! I fit Carter’s 6mo clothing! I recently found my own hand and am just beginning to smile at people. I can stay awake about 30-60 minutes at a time before getting sleepy. My parents read about “EASY” and I am doing well with that routine.

Mom and dad are doing pretty well. They keep working on communicating with each other and are still getting used to life as a family of three, but love watching me grow and learn. Mom likes that I started wrapping my arms around her neck and shoulder when she holds me.

Next month will be different as mom goes back to work and I start daycare, but I am sure things will be fine. I will make sure I soak up all of the time I have with her!