I am three months old today!

This month, Tyler found his ear-to-ear smile and laughed for the first time on October 5.  He had just come out of the bath and I was drying off his chin with the towel and he let out a laugh 😀  He’s been practicing that laugh/giggle all month!  Melissa visited again during my birthday weekend.  We went apple picking at Honey Pot Hill and she baked us several pies and a cake!  She also babysat while Will and I went to Blue Stove for my birthday dinner. Tyler got his first haircut on October 11 (only 11 weeks old!) We also went to the Public Garden to take our first Christmas card photo as a family of three! Chris and Sara Beth visited too on their way to Maine. I’m sure Uncle Chris (along with dad) will teach Tyler all about fantasy football. haha!

Tyler weighs about 15 pounds and is wearing 6-9 mo clothes.  He is still wearing size 1 diapers, but will probably need size 2 soon!  His head control is excellent and he is working on supported sitting.  He doesn’t like tummy time, but is able to prop on his elbows and raise his head to 90deg and rotate to both sides.  He is bringing hands to midline and to his mouth.  Tyler can roll from sidelying to supine.  Will has reported that he has rolled from prone to supine (but didn’t actually see him roll, just saw him end up on his back.  lol)  He loves to kick reciprocally.  My aunt sent us a high chair and Tyler does well, just sitting in it and watching the world.

He is definitely a serious kid.  We work hard to see him laugh and smile (though he’s giving it up easier as time goes on).  He’s very observant.  When we Skype with my parents, he looks at the ipad screen intently.  He’s also very chill and not fussy.  Tyler goes to sleep easily; he’ll cry for a minute but then settle in.  When he wakes at night to eat, he’ll go right back to sleep.

On October 20, I went back to work.  Tyler also began attending a home daycare in Bedford.  The first week was super hard.  Everything, and I mean everything, changed.  Tyler went to daycare, I started back at work, and a new job at that. We all had to adjust to having a set schedule with alarm clocks and daycare drop offs, dinner-making and getting bottles and lunches ready for the next day.  And Tyler is still waking up at least once in the middle of the night and there is no time anymore for me to take naps, so I have been extra tired.  On top of all of that, there is the emotional transition from being a stay-at-home mom for three months, to now a full-time working mother.  I had grown up with a stay-at-home mom and always envisioned that I would be too (that’s all I ever knew).  So now, to work while being a mother is a tough concept and role to assume.  I work with children, newborns to 3-years old, so I go to work with other people’s kids, while I pay a stranger to watch my own.  That’s a tough thing to grasp.  I didn’t realize that I actually had gotten used to the “non-structure” of being at home, so the shock of having actual “structure” was tough to handle.  I had gotten used to waking up without an alarm clock, meeting other stay-at-home moms for lunch, grocery shopping at 10am, napping in the middle of the afternoon, doing chores during the day.  Even though every day was different, I had become accustomed to that “freedom” in my day.  And now, there was no wiggle-room; we had to get out the door at a certain time, things HAD to get done, there was less “free-time.”  We went from zero to sixty overnight.  I cried almost every day.  Last Friday night, I let Tyler sleep on my chest from 7-10pm because I just missed holding him.  I’ve been reminding myself that transition is always hard and that last week was probably the hardest it is going to be; that things will get easier and we will all begin to adjust to the change.  Thankfully, Tyler has been great at daycare.  He is such a “chill” baby; even his daycare provider remarked how easy he is, that he only cries when he is hungry or tired.  So I am glad that he is not having a tough time. The oldest girl is 3 years old and gives him kisses when he leaves (what a (literal) cradle-robber!)  Will has also been super helpful, taking some of my chores, making dinner, and just allowing me to be sad and listening to me as I cried.  This past week (second week of work) has been much better.  My schedule wasn’t as intense, which allowed me to get acclimated and gave me the time to pick Tyler up from daycare and get home earlier.

I fully expect that we will be okay and get into this new rhythm.  And only time will help that; it can’t be rushed and we will get there.

It’s been a tough month of transitions, but life is still good and we are still so blessed.