I’m four months old today!

This month, Tyler went trick or treating.  It was my first time too!  Growing up, we never celebrated Halloween, so it was fun to get Tyler dressed up as a dinosaur, meet the neighbors, and get candy!  I kept telling Tyler, “Just one more house,” but kept saying that after 10 more houses.  Haha!  Can’t wait until next year when he can walk up to the houses himself!

His sitting is improving; he’s starting to put his hands down to prop sit.  He still doesn’t like tummy time.  Today (on his four month birthday) he rolled from back to tummy all by himself!  And he did it three times!  He did well lifting his chest so his bottom arm could come forward.  He made his PT mom proud!!  He also rolled from front to back this month.  Tyler’s mastered the pull-to-sit.  More than one person has remarked that he’s “strong” and “advanced.” 🙂  He loves bringing his hands to mouth; he’s even gotten an outstretched index finger in his mouth.  Tyler likes reaching with his hands and grabbing for the small toy attached to his car seat and is doing so purposefully.  Yesterday, I brought his feet to his hands and since then he’s been pulling his knees up and grabbing his toes.  I’m sure it won’t take long for those toes to find his mouth!

He is now wearing size 2 diapers and 6-9mo clothes.  We just put away all of his 0-3mo clothes; he’s no longer a newborn!

Tyler is giving up his smiles and laugh more easily.  He enjoys peek-a-boo and tickles.  He will coo and “talk” with us frequently.  Will and I are having lots of fun with him as he is more alert and aware of what is going on.  One morning he was awake in bed and starting to cry.  I went in his room and leaned over his crib without saying anything and he immediately stopped fussing.  I then ducked down so he couldn’t see me and he started to fuss.  I popped back up so he could see me and he stopped crying.  I did this 2-3 times with the same result.  He seemed to be calmed just by seeing a person there 🙂


I gave Tyler his second haircut on Thanksgiving day.  I took off a good 1″ with the buzzer.  We put Tyler in the Bumbo and he sat pretty still and wasn’t scared by the sound of the buzzer.  He looks just like Dad now with his haircut!

Tyler’s doing great at daycare.  The older girls (2 and 3 years old) love to help get his bottles when he leaves and give him goodbye kisses.  Another baby boy will soon be joining Tyler, but he will still be the youngest.

My work has gotten better.  I’m figuring it out and starting to build more of my own caseload.  Will and I have seemed to get a system down for daycare drop-off and pick-up.  My parents, Melissa, and her boyfriend Kyle came up to us for Thanksgiving.  Melissa and Kyle are professional chefs, so they took good care of us for Thanksgiving dinner!

We are enjoying Tyler a lot and are excited to see what else he will learn next month!