I’m six months old today!

Yet another significant month in the life of Tyler!

On January 1st, Tyler had a fever and vomited several times.  He wasn’t eating or drinking and was very lethargic.  We kept him home from daycare on January 2, giving him Tylenol and rest, but when his fever wasn’t improving, we decided to bring him to the doctor’s.  He recorded a rectal temp of 102.7degrees and was diagnosed with a left ear infection, a flu-like illness, and the beginnings of pneumonia.  He was prescribed amoxicillin.  Tyler was such a sad baby.  He had a nasty cough and stuffy nose and was just a lump log.  Haha.  We needed to hold him to sleep and he wouldn’t let us put him down.  He just needed lots of extra love and snuggles…and medicine.  His fever would come and go and it took almost two weeks for him to finally fully come back to us!  This was his/our first go at baby-illness so we all learned a lot and slept a lot less.  And right after he got better, he got his two bottom teeth!  So we slept even less.  No more gummy smile!  But his little toothy-grin is super cute.

This was also the month where I started working part-time.  It’s been about three weeks now and I am feeling great!  I’m feeling less pressure and stress at work.  I actually have time to do more than just work and chores.  I’ve had much more time with Tyler.  I’m only working Monday-Wednesday, so having a four-day weekend is a good amount of time to be with him.  I think it’s actually good timing that I dropped my hours now that he is six months old.  He is now so alert and actually doing stuff.  (I’ll list all his new skills later.)  In previous months, he mostly slept or was working on more basic motor skills.  So it’s been wonderful to interact with him and see him actively explore his world!

Working less has allowed me the bandwidth and energy to work on my marriage.  Before, I just felt so weighed down by the tasks of the day that it was difficult to put my marriage high on the priority list.  In the last few weeks, Will and I have had good quality time together.  We’ve talked more, had spontaneous weekday lunches together, and played video games!

It is also great to be able to do errands during the week day!  Do you know how much easier it is to run to Market Basket on a Thursday late morning as opposed to 5pm on a week night or on the weekend?!

(A little story to tangibly illustrate how good the work change has been to my life: Will and I enjoy eating hot pot (a meal where raw foods are set out, you sit down, and then cook them in a pot of boiling broth and then eat it).  But it takes a lot of preparation – you have to go to HMart to get the ingredients (and anyone will tell you that going to HMart during a peak time requires a nap post-trip), chop and prep the food, and then sit down and wait as the food boils.  Cooking and eating will take about an hour, let alone all the prep I just mentioned.  Looking back at the first three months working full-time, there is NO WAY I could have seen me having any energy or time to prepare this meal.  But after my second day of working part-time, that night we had hot pot.  And it was awesome!  This just shows how much more breathing room I have!)

I have also been able to rejoin the Highrock Acton women’s group.  They meet weekday mornings.  I had been able to attend for three weeks before my maternity leave ended and have missed being able to attend!  And now I can rejoin it!  It is such a blessing to meet with women from my new church and read the Bible, share our fears and hopes, and live life together!

Overall, life has been much fuller, but not in a busy-packed-way; in a satisfying, fullfilling, life-giving way.  And I am all for that!

Some other Tyler-milestones:

He started eating yams on 1/11 (homemade: wash yams, place on foiled cookie sheet, bake for 2 hours at 350deg) and loves it.  He tried some banana on 1/15 and gagged…haha.  But ate it mixed with some pears.  Ate green beans on 1/23 (homemade: frozen green beans with water in crock pot, cooked for a longgg time, then potato-mashered.)

Tyler’s gross motor skills are excellent!  He is prop-sitting (hands down on the ground in front of him) with contact guard and even reaching with his arms.  He has gotten a lot better at belly-to-back rolling and is rolling with trunk rotation isolated from his pelvis.  He began swimming and pivoting on his belly.  It is so fun to see him be motivated by a toy, look at it, reach his arms/fingers for it, and move his trunk/legs to get to it.  And then when he swats at it and it moves away from him, see him figure out what to do next!  His fine motor skills are also becoming more precise.  When he has his pacifier in his mouth, he is now grabbing and holding onto it and trying to put it back in his mouth…unsuccessfully, but at least attempting to.  When I hold him facing me, he really enjoys reaching out and touching my nose.  And he is not just randomly swatting at my face; he actually is trying to touch my nose!  And he loves it.  Probably helps that I made “beep” and “boop” noises when he does touch it.  haha!


Tyler has also found his lips.  He has been making “raspberries” and sucking noises.  Will also claims he said “mama” this past weekend, but while I’d love to believe he is calling for me, he is probably just starting consonant sounds.



I also am thinking he is starting to notice unfamiliar vs. familiar places/people.  We went to our first 1st birthday party for Tyler’s friend and when I took him out of his car seat and started walking around, he let out a cry that was different than his usual.  It sounded panicked.  It was brief and he calmed quickly, but this was definitely new for him.  I also notice him smiling when he sees me or Will.  I’m still trying to decipher if he knows we are his parents/familiar people, but it’s heart-warming to see him look at our faces and smile at us!

He has his six-month pediatrician visit next week, so I will update his height/weight stats then.  Update: At his visit on 2/5, Tyler is 17lbs, 5.5oz and 28″ tall.  He has outgrown 6-mo Carter’s onesies.  He is still in size 2 diapers, but we just bought size 3.  Tyler eats puree/rice cereal for breakfast and dinner and has 6-oz bottles at 11am and 3pm.  He is taking almost 8-oz at his dreamfeed.  As of today, we have no more frozen breastmilk and Tyler is starting formula for the first time since his first week of life!  He is napping 1-2 hours around 9am, 1pm, and 5pm.  He still breastfeeds at breakfast and dinner (and I am able to not pump with this schedule!!)  His bedtime is around 7pm.  He is still not sleeping fully through the night and I’m sure an ear infection and teeth set him back.  Tyler no longer is being swaddled and he is now choosing to sleep on his side.  We frequently find him in a different position/direction in his crib than when we set him down.  Tyler attended the nursery at church for the first time this past Sunday and was one of the few that wasn’t crying…haha.

This past month, I definitely feel like he isn’t a baby anymore!  He’s becoming a real kid now!  🙂  And how in the world did half a year FLY by?!

It’s been a whirlwind month of more transitions and changes, but life is much better!  On to month 7!