I’m seven months old today!

This was a fun month of growth, physically and cognitively.  Tyler started many new foods this month: butternut squash, chicken, yogurt, peas, Mum Mum crackers.  I made my first and second batches of a chicken/yam/apple crock pot meal and mashed/pureed them.  And he gobbles it up!  Tyler, in true form to his chill personality, is not very picky about food.  He does love those Mum Mum crackers.  He will hyperventilate for them.  haha!  We put them on his tray and he will pick them up and jam them into his mouth all by himself!  He usually gets more mashed and soggy pieces crumbled in his hand than in his mouth, but we are working on it!  We also worked on having him hold his own bottle, which works best when he is reclined back when we give him his dreamfeed, but he is also getting better when reclined back in his high chair.  Tyler is also able to take the bottle out of his mouth and put it back in (without jamming it into his eye or nose.)

We are also using a lot more baby sign language for “more,” “milk,” “all done.”  No attempts from Tyler to copy us yet, which is typical.  It’s very cute seeing Will so into it – I love seeing how Will is parenting Tyler. 🙂

Tyler did have a  yeast infection earlier this month and some prescription cream cleared that up quick. He also got his two top teeth. We also dropped down to breastfeeding only at dinner time.

Tyler is a pro at rolling now.  He is sitting up independently for the most part – he does have an occasional fall here and there.  He can sit and play with toys with both hands and even yesterday I saw him raise both hands to his head while sitting!  Tyler can sit and reach to his sides and forward and then come back up to tall sitting.  He loves playing with toys – especially a small plastic “book” that talks and plays music and an Elmo bus that clicks and has spinning dials.  He enjoys tummy time much more now, pivoting around in circles, rolling, and even starting to push backwards on his belly.  Tyler has even begun planking on his hands and knees; even a couple times planking on his hands and toes.  He hasn’t quite gotten into quadruped/crawl position; he hasn’t figured out how to get his knees underneath his hips…but he is close!  Tyler has been able to “play” by himself for up to an hour a couple of times before crying out for us.

Another fun thing I’ve seen is his development cognitively.  He is definitely acknowledging our existence.  Before, he could care less really where you were or who you were.  Now, I have seen him actively search for us, not only with his eyes, but with his body.  When he is on his belly, I can sit behind him and he will pivot around to face me, smile, and start “swimming.”  And this has happened on several occasions – I will even move around to see if he will continue to pivot to me.  He is also meeting eye contact and smiling lots more when seeing us or hearing us.  Along with this, I think we are also beginning to see the downsides, like he is demanding to be held.  This morning I was making breakfast and his play mat is within eye sight.  He was on his tummy and he began to cry out, looking at me.  I was busy and couldn’t immediately pick him up so he cried louder, with real tears, and putting his head down, crying into the mat, for at least a minute.  When I could finally pick him up, he calmed immediately.  So we are definitely seeing that now that he knows we exist, he is starting to learn how to get attention.  Very cool to see his brain develop!  Will and I are going to have to learn quick how to manage this new skill without having him attached to us all day!

He got his third haircut on February 21.  I started only with scissors by myself and gave him a nice bowl cut – every Asian kid needs at least one.  And later that day, Will helped me as I used the clippers to clean him up. 🙂

Beyond Tyler, life has been pretty steady.  My work schedule continues to be manageable.  I have been able to serve more at church and attend the weekly women’s group.  Will and I went a dinner date (Tyler slept in his carrier the whole time – Thank you, Tyler!) at Oga’s and we have a lunch date scheduled for Capital Grille for Restaurant Week next week.  Will and I continue to work on our marriage, communicating what is working and what is not.  And I am really enjoying our conversations about our childhoods and how we want to raise Tyler.

Looking forward to the 8th month of Tyler’s life and the coming of Spring!