I’m eight months old today!

O man, this was the month of trouble! 🙂

At the beginning of this month, Tyler’s sitting greatly improved and he is no longer randomly falling backward. He also figured out how to get up on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth. A week after mastering the quadruped rocking, on March 13, off he went and started crawling! At first, I called him a “baby spider”-he looked so funny not knowing exactly where his arms and legs should go. He could go between 4-7 crawl “steps” before falling on his belly. Over the last two weeks, he has been crawling like a madman on the floor and is doing pretty well when he crawls on top of our comforter on the bed. Tyler enjoys crawling on top/over us when we are lying in bed. This morning as I leaned back in bed, he crawled up onto my leg, belly, chest, and got up as high as my shoulder! He is also very persistent: today he spent about 10 minutes trying to crawl over me to touch the curtain behind me. He would not give up!

He is also now crawling to us. We can call out for him and he will crawl over to us and then reach up with one arm so we can pick him up. AND just this past week, I saw him reach out, take hold of the play yard fence with two hands, pull himself up to his knees, and then bring his left leg up to get ready to stand! This PT mom is so proud of him. haha!

Watch Tyler’s crawling progress:




We have a hunch that Tyler is right-handed. When he holds his bottle (now, a pro) by himself with one hand, it is always his right.

We officially ended all breastfeeding on March 9. I miss it a little bit – it was a time only me and him shared and it kind of signaled that he isn’t a baby-baby anymore. But for the most part, I don’t miss it. Now Will or I can feed him and I am no longer tied to Tyler for feedings (ie. I don’t HAVE to be present for feedings! Dinner date anyone?) Plus, it has been super fun experimenting with new foods to feed Tyler. This month we tried Cheerios, grapes, beef, potatoes, celery, mushrooms, and carrots. This kid loves Cheerios. He hasn’t quite figured out how to feed himself, but I will stick a Cheerio on his lip and have him push it in with his hand. It is hilarious watching him figure out this fine motor task as he isn’t quite accurate with it, but practice makes perfect! He has raked Cheerios into his hand, but then it gets stuck in his palm and he can’t figure out how to open his hand at his mouth to shovel it in. And after an attempt, he forgets about the Cheerio. haha! [Correction: I paused blogging to feed Tyler and he started getting the Cheerio into his mouth! He has an accuracy of about 20%. And he is definitely showing right-handedness. He reached for the Cheerio 99% of the time with his right. And the 1% when he did grab it in his left and missed getting it in his mouth, he would open up his left hand and try to grab it with his right.]

I started introducing a sippy cup to him, but he hasn’t figured it out yet. It’s one of those “spill-proof” cups that you have to bite before the liquid comes out. He knows it goes in his mouth and he has bit on it before so that the formula comes out, but I don’t think he realizes the concept. He does enjoy holding the handles and banging the cup around. Again, practice makes perfect.

The week of March 8 was tough sleep-wise. He was super fussy at night. He kept waking up and crying. Usually he will cry for a little bit and go back to sleep or we can put his pacifier in and he will settle down. But this week in particular, we would have to go in, pick him up until he soothed, and then lay him back down. It was never a long time of soothing, but it was 1-2x a night. I thought it was because he was now aware of who we were and noticing he was alone when he would wake a night. However, the next week, as I was changing his diaper, he opened his mouth and I had a good view of his top teeth, and noticed two more teeth poking out! This totally explains the fussiness at night time the week before. He now has four on top and two on bottom! Tyler is saying, “Give me steak! Give me pizza!”

Tyler began saying more consonant sounds, mostly “ya ya ya.” And I think he is starting to have “conversations” with us. I will pick him up from daycare and on our 10 minute drive home, I will ask him how his day was, and he will “ya ya ya” back and forth with me two or three times. It is the cutest! He especially loves talking in the morning when we wake him up (I mean, when he wakes us up.)

We officially ended his dreamfeed March 19. This past month we started weaning him off of it. First by decreasing the amount of formula and then slowly feeding him earlier. I admit, we weren’t the best at consistency (instead of feeding him at 8pm, we’d forget, and feed at 9…) and Tyler initially would wake up (probably out of habit) and cry for the feed. And for the last few times we would just feed him water (oh, the look of confusion on his sleepy face!!) And then one night, he just didn’t wake up for it! And same for the next night! We haven’t given him a dreamfeed for the last week and it has been awesome. And after that week of apparent teething, he has been pretty good at sleeping from 7pm to about 6/6:30/7am! FINALLY! This is probably the first week (ever) where there wasn’t a dreamfeed or teething or sickness or random fussiness and it feels great!

He got the second installment of the flu shot and HE DIDN’T CRY. Shocked me and the nurse!

I think he is also now really showing us that he recognizes me and Will and is aware of his surroundings. At baby A’s birthday party, they were sitting next to each other, A shouted loudly, and Tyler immediately started crying. I think he was surprised by the sound, the other people around, and panicked.  Tyler will also pivot around and crawl to me when I put my arms out, which is the most endearing thing. He is able to cognitively make the connection of who I am, and then connect it with his new-found motor skill and reach what (who) he wants. I am treasuring this!

The big event of this month was our first trip with Tyler. We went to New York and Tyler met 13 new relatives (plus 3 “old” relatives – my parents and brother)! He met 4 uncles, 3 aunts, 4 cousins, and his great-grandmother and great-grandfather! It was so precious to have him meet all of them for the first time and he did great with them. He was his typical calm, playful self, showing off his crawling skills and flashing his toothy grin. Tyler did well in the car, sleeping most of the way, and also did well sleeping at night in a pack-n-play in a new place. It was wonderful to see my parents and brother after 3+months and they had fun seeing all the new things he can do! We will be making another trip to NY in June to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday and their 60th wedding anniversary. (I bet Tyler will be walking by then!)

Tyler currently weighs 20lbs. He is still in size 3 diapers and is wearing 9mo and 12mo clothes. Every week, I put away more and more clothes and am asking my mommy-friends for their hand-me-downs. To this date, I have still not bought one article of clothing! Yay for generous friends with sons! We bought a play yard from Babies ‘R Us for about $55 (free with gift cards) so that I can get work done around the house. He can play alone for an average of 30 minutes and does better after he has eaten.

On most days, this is his eating/sleeping schedule:

7am: 7oz of applesauce/oatmeal cereal + 6oz formula

9-11am: Nap

11am: 6oz of solids (chicken/yam/apple/pea) + 6oz formula [Recently started beef/onion/potato/celery/mushroom/carrot]

1-3pm: Nap

3pm: 3oz yogurt, Cheerios/Mum Mum + 6oz formula

5-6:30pm: Nap

6:30pm: 6oz of solids + 6oz formula

7pm: Bedtime!

As for Will and I: My work is still going well. It continues to be a good balance of work and home. I thoroughly enjoy my two days off: running errands, seeing friends, Bible study, lunch dates, doctor’s appointments, napping, chasing after Tyler. Will is busy busy! He is doing well in his business and I am proud of him! There has been a lot of pressure on him since I went part-time and he has done well to take care of us. Our church plant is learning and growing (three babies born in the last month!) Graves’ disease update: things are pretty stable. My levels were slightly swinging the hypo-way, so my dosage was decreased, but otherwise no symptoms.

Thanks for reading!