I’m nine months old today!

This month was all about motor!

Earlier this month, on 4/2, Tyler was able to transition from hands/knees position to sitting instead of flopping onto his belly. He quickly mastered pull to kneel and is now doing really well with pull to stand. Tyler is using his play yard fencing to grip onto and pull himself up. He also just started to cruise along the fence and he is loving being on his feet! He is easily getting into hands/feet position and I predict he will walk by his first birthday! Tyler is climbing all over us to get to things (especially the bedroom curtain). We recently went to a wedding (Tyler’s first!) and he really enjoyed standing up, holding onto the pew back, and flirting with the girls sitting behind us (haha!)



I read on Baby Center that sometimes when babies quickly develop in one area, they slow down in others. I am seeing that with his speech. Last month I mentioned that he was saying “ya ya ya,” however, this month, I haven’t heard it at all. So we will see when all the talking comes back! Hoping to hear “ma ma ma” soon!

This month he has also become really needy. He is needing us to be near him. When he is playing in his play yard, he likes when we sit in there with him. He constantly “checks in with us” – he will play with a toy, then look at us, or crawl over/on to us, then go play with something else. Sometimes he will let me just sit beside the play yard, but usually, he will pull up to stand and cry for us. It can be cute to feel wanted, but tough when I’m trying to clean or eat lunch.

His self-feeding skills are much improved this month too. Tyler’s Cheerio-feeding accuracy is probably up to about 90% now. He is still much better with his right hand, though he is able to get Cheerios to his mouth with his left. He can grab 2-3 Cheerios with his right hand. He uses mostly a raking motion, but is experimenting with a pincer grasp. He could eat Cheerios forever if we let him. He just tried cut-up pieces of pasta, which he didn’t seem to love, but we will keep trying!

He learned how to shake his head back and forth. I think he likes the sensation haha. We will have to teach him that that motion means “yes”…lol.

We enjoyed going out on stroller walks now that it has been warmer. It’s good exercise for mom and we can escape the house!

Tyler is outgrowing his 9mo clothes. 12mo clothes are fitting a little loose, but 12mo long-pant onesies now have the grippy feet which he needs now that he is standing. Actually, daycare specifically asked for these types of clothes or that he wears shoes so that he doesn’t slip! He wore size 3 shoes once, but they were too small. Size 4 is a little big, but I’m sure he will grow out of them soon. He is still fitting in size 3 diapers and I just bought two more boxes of them, so he’ll be in them for a little longer. His 9mo pediatrician visit was going to be this upcoming Friday, but the doctor had to reschedule, so I will update with official stats later (but on our scale at home, he is weighing 20 pounds.)

A few weeks ago, I had a 5 day weekend with the Monday holiday for Patriots Day. Will was busy with work every day during that period and so I was in charge of Tyler-duty…and oh boy, was it rough. I was tired, he was needy, and Will was out…by Sunday I was already done. Don’t know how I thought I could be a stay-at-home mom and all power to those that are! Guess God knew I needed to work part-time! I was ready to go back to work on Tuesday! But at the same time, I was glad to be done with work after three days. It has proven to be a good amount of work – I’m busy, but not overwhelmed.

Nine months in, nine months out! What a crazy, tiring, fun, joyful, and blessed 18 months it has been 🙂