I’m 10 months old today!

Tyler is now in the two digit age range! 10 months! TIME FLIES. Oh my goodness.

Still so many new things; it’s hard to keep up! Right after he turned nine months old, he began clapping! Can I tell you how excited I was? I have been teaching him this for a couple months now, demonstrating it, doing hand-over-hand with him. And then he did it all by himself! Yay!



He then was also clapping only when I would say “clap,” without seeing me do it. That was awesome too – he is understanding the actual word, not just imitating me doing it. And a few days later, I had a stuffed animal “clap” without me saying the word, and Tyler clapped! He is learning!! What a smartie. 🙂

This month he also got his 8th tooth, so that makes four on top, four on bottom.

He is now standing on his own. On 5/2, he stood for 3 seconds, and on 5/25, he stood for 10 seconds. He is working on going from standing to squatting and today he even maintained a squat position briefly.

Tyler is “talking” more, mostly his “wa wa wa’s” and “ah ah ah’s.” And he is getting some good volume too haha!

He also got his fourth haircut this month. It took Will and I an hour to wrestle him and keep him sitting. Think it came out pretty good.

We celebrated my first official Mother’s Day too! Will cooked me breakfast, we went to church, and had sushi dinner with Will’s parents. It was a wonderful first Mother’s Day and I am looking forward to celebrating many more!

His 9 month pediatrician appointment got rescheduled and so he went on 5/15. He weighed 19lbs 5.5oz (39%ile) and was 30″ tall (94%ile). My skinny giant. His doctor predicts he will walk by one year old and I definitely think so too.

A few days later, on 5/17, he woke up with a strange rash on his face, back, arms, and legs. We had tried strawberries a few days before and also have had mosquitoes in the house, so I was wondering if those could explain the rash. On Monday, he had a few more, on his ankles, bottom of his feet, ears…but it was like 2-4 spots, no pattern, and he was not feverish, itchy, or acting ill. He slept, ate, and played well and did not even notice the spots. I took him to the doctor on 5/19 and after a PCP visit and a dermatologist visit, we were prescribed a cream and told it must be a viral infection. Over the next few days, the spots got redder and he got a few more, but finally, this past weekend, they started to fade. Phew!

I think I got my first kiss from Tyler last Saturday. We were out to dinner with some friends and I was holding Tyler as he stood on my lap. Then all of a sudden, his mouth was on the left side of my chin. He might have been gnawing on it, but I will choose to believe he was giving me a kiss :*

We recently started having less-pureed food. I steamed some frozen veggies and baked some chicken. After cutting it into small pieces, Tyler is eating it pretty well. I have also given him small crumbs of bread and cheese. He is also doing well drinking from a sippy cup! He finally is getting the concept of biting the opening and sucking the milk down. And his pincer grasp is emerging. Yay!

Will and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this month on May 15. Five years! Job changes, vacations, buying a house, medical diagnosis, getting pregnant, having a baby, changing churches, raising a son…I wouldn’t want to live life with any other person! Love you!


We enjoyed a weekday lunch out at Capital Grille. With both of us having flexible schedules and Tyler at daycare, we thoroughly lived it up!