I’m 11 months old today!

Yet another month of growth and new experiences! Tyler saw the dentist at the beginning of this month. He did not like it. He did not want Dr. Bob anywhere near his mouth! So he cried and not even an inflated glove could distract him. Haha! We have incorporated brushing his teeth into his routine and he actually enjoys it. I sing a song, “Tyler, Tyler, brush your teeth (x3), Don’t forget your tongue!” He laughs.

There was a free event in our town to get identification for your child. Tyler got thumb-printed, a DNA swab, teeth imprint, and his picture taken. We hope we never ever ever need to use the ID, but am glad to have this resource available.

Tyler is off of pureed foods now, which is awesome! Less work for mom, but more mess for Tyler! He tried (and loved) Chipotle for the first time and has now been eating table foods – spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, grilled cheese, strawberries, grapes, bread, pork, chicken, rice, broccoli, cauliflower, peas. He does pretty well chewing the food, but needs some practice on pacing as he likes to shove food in his mouth and sometimes forgets he has to swallow to make more room for more food. We bought a bib with a pouch, which collects his droppings, but Tyler enjoys fishing out the leftovers from the pouch and trying to eat them a second time. Now that he is eating table food, we don’t have to bring him a lunch to daycare, which is sooo convenient. Love it! We are also using a sippy cup more frequently, but he for sure wants his bottle. There are meals where he will throw a tantrum until we swap out the sippy cup for his bottle. Then he is as happy as can be.

He is doing well with his gross motor skills. He can stand fairly well on his own. He can go from a squat to stand back to squat with no help. Tyler recently began walking while pushing a ride-on toy, but gets carried away by his own momentum. He walks holding onto one or two hands. His pincer grasp is much improved this month and with it…the desire to be an independent eater! He realized he could feed himself and wanted to and told us about it…loudly! When we still did not understand what he was trying to communicate, he arched his back, screamed, threw his body side to side…and eventually we got the message.

Tyler may have signed “more” once or twice and may have repeated “mama.” Still waiting to see this become more consistent.

We have begun to see the need for discipline. We have had to teach him to keep his bib on as he likes to rip it off. I can tell he is testing us too. He will grab a handful of bib and start to pull it off, then look at us. After we tell him to keep it on, he will let go. And then try to take it off again, eyeing us the whole time. After a few times of being consistent with our discipline, he is definitely listening and learning. Same with him wanting to touch things around the house (corner of the heater, trash cans, etc.) It has been a good lesson for us as parents, communicating with each other on what we want to instill in him, how we are going to go about it…guess we will be discussing this topic for a long time. We still have to figure out how to get him to lie still for a diaper change – this kid is very strong and knows how to use leverage. Sometimes it takes two of us to get a diaper on!

We went to New York this month to celebrate my grandmother’s (Ty’s great grandmother) 80th birthday. She and my grandfather have also been married for 60 years! My grandfather’s health is not great and we visited him in a rehabilitation center and he held Tyler’s hand and smiled. We also visited my uncle’s family and got to see my parents, Melissa, Chris, and their significant others. It was a nice time to see family!

Will and I reached a milestone in our relationship – 10 years since we have been a couple! Wow! Crazy awesome to see how much we have experienced in 10 years 🙂

We also celebrated Father’s Day with breakfast for dad, and dinner out with dad and Will’s parents. Tyler really wanted dad to hold him that day!

This month I also put in my notice at work. I am changing jobs next month! I will still be in Early Intervention, but with a different agency. More on that next month. Pray for a smooth transition!

I can’t believe he will be a year old in a month!!!! Time flies so fast. And parents have told me it flies even faster. Party-planning has begun and I am excited, yet sad to see my baby not be a baby anymore (at least not chronologically. He will ALWAYS be my “baby!” :))